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Hey everyone…

I’m sure you’re all excited that BBA3 is less than a month away! Well I’ve been preparing a new blog for the new season and I must say it’s gonna be BIGGER and BETTER than ever with even more ways to people all around africa and the world to interact…. The site is still in its prelim stages, but feel free to pop over there and get yourself acquainted with what will become your home away from home for the next 3 months…


I’m officially over and out as from today…. I’ve just been getting bored with this blog, and even though I am a Tati fan, it was getting a little monotonous posting just about her. Most of the other housemates have just faded into obscurity and there’s not much to write about generally….. The blog will stay open to everyone…

It’s been great – you’ve been great….

See you in August – expect a bigger and better site!!!!!!!


So I decided to pop over to Maureen’s blog: to see what she has been up to since BBA2 but there was no latest news – in fact, there was nothing but a blank page! Seems Maureen really doesn’t care about letting her fans into her life and letting them know how her fashion label is coming along… That is if she even has any fans…


Hell all!

I know I haven’t been around here for a while – I have been busy – but I’m here now. I have had numerous e-mails from fellow bloggers that the blog has taken a turn for the worse (if you will) and certain people’s comment are verging on verbal abuse towards others. It saddens me that such a happy place has gone to shit! It really pisses me off! People like QUEST & VEN have been banned and most of their posts deleted! I admit that I do not have time to read everyone’s comments on a daily basis and that’s why such disgusting, below-the-belt garbage gets posted on the blog. I could queue up your comments to be moderated for me to check them individually but – I simply do not have the time . I’m so angry right now that I’m so close to closing this blog….. It has served its purpose anyway:

  1. Bring you news on your housemates of BBA2
  2. Share views on the hosuemates
  3. As a result, bring people from all parts of Africa together.

At this point in time, what’s been happening is that more people are leaving the blog because of those individuals who find it amusing to cuss and be vulgar for no reason…. To cleanse your foul mouths – fuck over to!!! It is acceptable to put forward your views about certain things – everyone is of course entitled to an opinion – however, just because you’re hidden behind a PC monitor doesn’t not give you the right to type various obscenities and vulgarities for no reason, as well as attack certain members of the board. When it gets personal – that shit is not ACCEPTABLE…

I’m just sick to my stomach and I will give it this week to decide whether or not I wanna continue with this blog….


Thanks to Zonika (ZB) for these links…

Find pics of Tatiana as she’s being welcomed during the ceremony of the opening of the Naura Springs Hotel in Arusha here: [] and

Pics of Tatiana at the Face Of Tanzania pageant here:, here: and here: [source:]


The deadline was initially 30th April 2008, but has been extended by an extra week. That means the new deadline for entries is 7th May 2008…


So what you waiting for if you haven’t already entered!?


Hey everyone!

Just want to say thanks again for the continued support here at UFW – for the comments, stories, pictures, breaking newsit has not gone unnoticed.

I’m having a bit of a problem and need you to help me decide what I should do… Well, seeing that Big Brother Africa 3 is less than 4 months away, preparations are already being made for a new blog to go with the new season. Thing is I’m not sure whether I should create an entirely new blog for BBA3 or simply just merge it with this wordpress blog and instead of BBAII : The Ultimate Fan Weblog, the blog will become The Ultimate Big Brother Africa Blog (working title). I think it would be easier for everyone to stay and blog at one place instead of hopping from one blog to the other. Let me know what you think…

Also, suggest a possible title for the new blog if you decide to have it merged.


Some pics from a radio interview during Tatiana’s Tanzania tour…

[click thumbs to enlarge]



I know – a little late but they’re still great pics nonetheless…

[click thumbs for larger image]




Website coming sooner than you think but until then here are some backstage pictures taken on the shoot for the website. The shoot for the website took place on a cold and rainy London day, and mostly ended up being shot indoors instead of on location, however Tatiana being the professional that she is, graced the cold and rain and posed outside for some photos on a roof top warehouse in East London. All those on the set commended her professionalism as they all hurdled up in the warm indoors whilst drinking hot drinks.




“I have been blessed with amazing fans that support and push for things to happen for me. Thank you. In this issue of the newsletter I would like to say a special thank you to my Tanzanian fans that have made connections on my behalf and have made my upcoming tour to the beautiful country possible. I am very excited at finally coming to meet all of you and thank you in person, tour all over the country including a trip to Zanzibar and hopefully do some Safari.

My meeting with the High Commissioner of the United Republic of Tanzania in London, Her Excellence Mrs. Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar, was very good. Her Excellence is an inspiration to me a warm and welcoming lady full of wisdom. I also met with the Deputy High Commissioner Mr Chabaka Kilumanga and the Director of Tanzania Trade Centre Mr Yusuf Kashangwa both very nice. I was made to feel very welcome and spent time talking to the group about Tanzania’s population diversity and the power of women in the country and across Africa. I would like to thank everyone involved in organising the meeting in particular Rosemary from New Habari Corporation who is also organising my tour to TZ. Thank you.”

Tatiana and the inspiring Tanzanian officials in the UK. Tatiana was asked by the commissioner to sign the Embassy guest book which is signed by all special guests.



Tatiana had a marvelous time in London. Unfortunately she worked on her birthday so a party was thrown for her at the Paddington Hilton which was attended by many of her friends who live in London and some fans.


  1. Friends at steam bar including Maya from Acclaim Models Agency UK:
  2. More friends this time at PentHouse in Leicester Square.

  1. Site seeing with friend
  2. Tatiana on a London train with Assistant
  3. “Authentic Gucci is a Girls best friend.” Tatiana looking very pleased with her shopping.



For all upcoming models, take a lesson from the professional. This is how you rip the runway. Tatiana’s trip to Lisbon, Portugal was a great success. Tatiana was in town to model at an exclusive fashion show modeling the latest collection by famous Portuguese designer: Joao Rolo. The show was held at the Grand Casino Estoril on Tatiana’s birthday. She wowed the audience and stole the show looking amazing in all the dresses she wore. – Her presence on the catwalk was noticed by the press who interviewed her after the show, she was featured in Portuguese newspapers like “o jornal da cidadao”. (Press coverage of the show will be posted on

Tatiana looking beautiful in pink, on the catwalk and whilst posing for pictures with close friend and designer Joao Rolo.

[click thumbnails to enlarge]

Watch a short clip of the show here:


Editor’s Comment:

Special thank you to all the supportive fans that continuously motivate Tatiana with their love and support, Tatiana continues to trot around the globe winning more and more fans along the way. It is clear with all those that know her and have had the pleasure of meeting and working with her that,


Yes it’s a fact, there has been a tremendous response and many requests from all over Africa, and some outside of the continent for Tatiana’s official newsletter, requests are coming in on a daily basis, even the haters love to hear about Tatiana.


Here are pics from her trip to Tanzania:

[click thumbnails to enlarge]

[Sources: |]

If anyone can translate the text included with the pics @ – it would be appreciated!