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Mark Pilgrim NOT hosting Big Brother Africa 2

Mark Pilgrim

Three-time Big Brother presenter Mark Pilgrim has been dropped as the host. Industry sources have revealed that a female presenter will replace Pilgrim, a DJ on Highveld Stereo, as the face of Big Brother Africa 2, which is set to be broadcast from August.

Confirming he wouldn’t be the presenter for Big Brother Africa 2, Pilgrim said: “Basically they didn’t ask me if I wanted to present the show. I don’t know the reasoning behind it. But that’s the way the TV industry works.

“My agent has been in contact with them [M-Net] and she said: ‘Can I release Mark so that he can be available for other shows?’ Last week, they told her they can release me.”

It was unexpected. “When you hear Big Brother, you assume that you will be the host. I’m so synonymous with the brand and know it well, but I’m sure others can do it well, too.”

This time around, Big Brother Africa is to again feature 12 field presenters, one from each of the participating countries. M-Net are keeping mum about who will replace Pilgrim.

Well, I personally agree with Mark. He IS Big Brother! I suppose M-Net have planned everything out and are hoping that a fresh face would do good to the latest upcoming Big Brother Africa season. Considering the fact that it has been over three years since Big Brother Africa 1 and that a new house has been built in Johannesburg, South Africa in an undisclosed location M-Net may have wanted to do a complete makeover to the show? OR maybe they’re in over their heads and haven’t a clue what they’re doing? Whatever the case may be, I welcome a new presenter to the show with open arms. Fingers crossed that he/she is as charismatic as Mark!

So what do you think about Mark Pilgrim not being asked back as BBA host?

Drop me a line.

2 Responses to “Mark Pilgrim NOT hosting Big Brother Africa 2”

  1. Big error on endemols part IMO. Mark was simply the best and watching Klumsy (sorry, Kabelo) and his excrutiating jabbering merely reinforces how much of a mistake has been made. Well, only time will tell but its not looking good I can tell you. And BTW, Mark was sooo much better to look at, eye candy and all…

  2. Big Mistake on replacing Mark,
    the show is not as popular anymore in south africa. Since there are two houses, i rate BB south africa should come back and Mark should host it. would be even better if Gerry also comes back

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