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So… who could it be?!

There is exactly 8 days until the launch of Big Brother Africa 2 and M-Net continues to remain tight-lipped about who they have chosen to replace Mark Pilgrim as presenter. Not much information has been divulged to the public concerning the new presenter, however industry sources have revealed that it will be a female. Speculation, as to who it may be, is alive and kicking in the M-Net forums with people believing that Rosie Motene, a current presenter on M-Net [channel 3] and M-Net Africa’s [channel 103] Studio 53 has landed the job.

This may very well be true, as Motene’s co-host is ex-Big Brother Africa housemate and third runner-up, Gaetano Kagwa. Anyone see the connection?! Seeing that M-Net produces both Studio 53 and Big Brother Africa, I wouldn’t put it past them to search for a replacement closer to home… Only time will tell I suppose.

Do you perhaps have any info on who the new presenter will be?

Let me know by leaving a comment.

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