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BBA housemates vs. the Rest of the World

With a mere 6 days (it feels like forever!) to go ’til the launch, millions of viewers across Africa can’t wait to see what surprises”Biggie” has for us this time around. However, there are those individuals who simply believe that Big Brother Africa is not something worth watching and those that think the whole “reality” concept is load of hogwash… I respect their views, but wonder why exactly the “Big Brother Africa Haters” have such a negative attitude towards this particular edition and what has turned them against it. This brings me to the conclusion that they may prefer other editions either previously produced by M-Net and Endemol (BB SA 1, 2 Celebrity) or editions airing around the world.

When M-Net announced that a Pan-african version of the reality show would go into production in 2004, it was automatically yet unofficially imprinted into the minds of Africans that this new Big Brother Africa reality series would have to show off the continent to the world and in a way prove that Africa is capable of a undertaking such a mammoth task. It was clear from day one that Big Brother Africa would be a cultural thing – an “African” thing. That was the goal from the onset. Perhaps not from M-Net but from each individual participating country that saw the opportunity to showcase their country through a reality TV show contestant. When the search for a house mate from each participating country had begun, house mates were being chosen as ambassadors of their countries. The specially selected individuals chosen who would go into the Big Brother Africa house and carry the burden of their country on their shoulders. When revealed who the 12 contestants were who would enter the house for 106 days, it was clear that all of them were similar. They were all normal! He he… What I’m trying to say is, despite their unique personalities (Tapuwa = intelligent & had her alter ego emerge after a few glasses of wine : Alex = conceited & playful : Mwisho = hilarious & laid back…. to name a few), people felt that the house mates didn’t seem to be as interesting and different as Big Brother SA 1 and 2 house mates. For instance, in BBSA 2, there was Thando, a lesbian & Groschaan, a Buddhist (I think?! Can’t remember.) who displayed exhibitionist behaviour. BBSA 1 gave us Lara who couldn’t stop with the sniffing… See where I’m going with this?! They should chuck in a gay person this year or even a transsexual or someone that is Muslim or practices a religion not known much about. Across the globe, house mates vary in… shall I say… “uniqueness”. Last year’s Big Brother UK winner had Tourette syndrome [as pictured above] and a woman gave birth in the Dutch version [as pictured below] to list a few and that is perhaps the extremes people against BBA want to see M-Net go to…

Then again you think. Editions such as Big Brother South Africa, UK and Netherlands and the rest produce a show for that particular country with all housemates being citizens of that county. This means that among those 12, diversity is bound to occur. Few housemates could be normal, while a few are a little “different”. And viewer ratings also plays a major role in the first world countries so they have to make every season that bit more exciting than its predecessors. I suppose Big Brother Africa also is diverse. The house mates aren’t the main focus, but rather the cultural element. And I’m sure that the interactivity between the various cultures are what M-Net and Endemol rely on to have a great show.

So people should understand that Big Brother Africa cannot be like other shows as it will lose its authenticity and is interesting if you take the time to respect, understand and value each house mate for who they are rather than who they are not or who they could’ve been…

Lara - Big Brother SA 1 Groschaan Thando

2 Responses to “BBA housemates vs. the Rest of the World”

  1. i love big brother africa

  2. Your site is not informative enough that is why you have few visitors and responses. BBA2 give us minute- to- minute happenings in the house. For instance, I had expected BBA2 to report details of the first evictions votes etc. BBA2 ,the guys manning your website are sleeping.Or is this not your official website?

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