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Controversy and Big Brother go hand in hand

It can be revealed that Ben Mwine, formerly Programmes director at Sanyu FM and current Miss Uganda (search) emcee, is going to be Uganda’s Big Brother field reporter. Like Marcus Kiryowa during the first BBA, Mwine will have prime time on continental television as the Ugandan BBA correspondent.

Meanwhile, this is the same Ben Mwine who about a month ago crashed into the presidential convoy in Mukono while driving from Malaba in his “just purchased” Corolla II Windy. According to reports, one policeman was killed and another injured.

Mwine’s car was damaged beyond repair. He was charged with reckless driving, over speeding and not observing the president’s right of way. He spent one night in a jail in Mukono and his case is still in court.

Can anyone say: S.C.A.N.D.A.L.O.U.S?!

3 Responses to “Controversy and Big Brother go hand in hand”

  1. Ben was a wise choice . Many of us just couldnot stand Marcus! what an irritating prat!!!
    i think we got a great field presenter , that is if he is out of

  2. hey, have they announced the list of field presenters already? even before confirming the show host. i hope the entire thing of ‘dropping Mark Pilgrim’ was a stunt . i cant imagine BBA without him.

  3. Donald, to my knowledge, the field presenters haven’t been announced yet. M-Net is keeping very quiet this year! Only Mwine’s official thus far. Mark Pilgrim being replaced is definitely not a stunt, as articles have been published about him being “dropped” on his official website and in various newspapers…

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