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Channel 37 comes alive!

This morning, DStv channel 37 started the official countdown to the Big Brother Africa launch with attractive promo screens on loop. DStv subscribers across Africa may have already seen them, but for BB fans across the world, I’ve posted the pics here.

Note: One promo screen is incorrect – an error on M-Net’s part. Instead of being 16 NL, it shows 16 VL.

[Click the thumbnails to view larger images]

Promo Screen 1 Promo Screen 2 Promo Screen 4 Promo Screen 5 Promo Screen 6 Promo Screen 3

What do you think of think of them?

Air your views. Post a comment.

12 Responses to “Channel 37 comes alive!”

  1. What up Africa can’t wait to see what Namibia is going to do in Big Brother Africa2 and represent us with integrity and compassion.

  2. Go get them NAMIBIA,I and alot of other Namibians are behind u all the way,make us proud, show them what Namibia is made of. All the best!

  3. I just want to wish our gal all the best and babe I put all my trust on you and please show them what Namibia a good for and we are behind you all the way.

    we love you and put Namibia on top in the house

    from smiley to be next house mate in the 3 times

  4. Tatiana we hope you’re having fun and we want you to know that we’ll be cheering. Make us angolans proud!!!
    (Luanda, Angola)

  5. CODE, u r the BEST!!! bring the money home!!

  6. Uncle CODE, Ur the best, we are proud of you, pls bring the money home.

  7. Maureen, you are doing great, be yourself and for sure the win is yours

  8. Lerato you rock the world,,, please keep up with that hot style . MandMolly

  9. Tati stop acting so sex!!! people out in Angola are upset with you!!!

  10. Tatiana has got only two options “come Home with the money or go with Richard to Darsalam and become the second wife to Richard” what a shame.MandMolly

  11. Molly iam sorry 4 Zambians Richard could not make it but remember Cheris one made it!!!! i Love you Molly

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    […]Channel 37 comes alive! | BBAII : The Ultimate Fan Weblog[…]

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