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It’s Official : BBA2 host revealed!

First of all I would like to thank Eduardo for the link to the article… and I must say for me – it’s a SHOCKER!!!!

Here’s the full article from Tonight Online by Helen Herimbi:

From Sunday an all-new season of Big Brother Africa (BBA) starts on DStv. The second African version of this hit show promises to pack just as much punch as before.

This year it will be Channel O presenter and 5FM jock, Kabelo (KB) Ngakane, hosting the popular continental reality show.

Kabelo, who recorded a song called Take It Up for BBA1 with Swerve, a contestant in the first season, is ecstatic about being the presenter: “It’s about damn time they get me on there!”

He adds that his connection with Africa landed him the job and he “has finally reached that high level of reality presenting. I’m looking forward to the experience and connection and speaking with all my African peeps again.”

Big Brother escalated into a world-wide phenomenon and is guaranteed to bring more drama and scandals with every new season. Ratings have sky rocketed, eyes are seldom shut and bums are permanently creased into sofas as fans and inquisitive people wait with baited breath for contestants to say or do something scandalous .

BBA puts 12 different and interesting individuals in a house together for 98 days. The audience watches as they scheme and plot to win the grand prize of US $100 000.

This year South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana and Angola will be represented in BBA.

The contestants arrive on Sunday and a special two-hour broadcast will be aired as they enter the house. Housemates get to compete against each other in challenges and then vote each other off. Every Monday the hour-long nominations for eviction will take place.

# Big Brother Africa starts August 5 (DSTV Channel 37) and airs daily. Half-hour recaps on Africa Magic Monday to Friday at 8pm.

Why!? Why?! Why?! What were Endemol and M-Net thinking?! Wait… were they? Please don’t get me wrong – I think KB is a great, fun guy and all but hosting a show as HUGE as Big Brother is a… erm… well… BIG task… I don’t believe that he has the experience to pull off such a show for so long… *sigh*. So I guess it’s not Rosie Motene after all… Nuff said.

What do you think about the new Big Brother Africa 2 presenter? Do you think he has what it takes to make the show work this year?

Have your say. Leave a comment.

22 Responses to “It’s Official : BBA2 host revealed!”

  1. This is one huge hole Endemol and Mnet have put themselves into. How do you justify this obviously rushed decision. i mean throw out a popular host like Mark, then settle for this? This is totally absurd. Kabelo cannot carry such a huge show. i cant believe this is happening!

  2. used to enjoy KB during is first year at Channel O but him hosting my favourite show? His jokes are in the Chris Rock territory…too similar and most of the time about ‘black people, white people’
    Good luck to him but i cant say am excited he is hosting BBA2.

  3. Can someone organize a fast track rehab programme for Kabelo before Sunday?
    He gotta to stop smoking weed for real.

  4. Get a bigger presenter – for once i might just give the eviction shows a miss if i the host i shall have to be watching is Kabelo. No way! Gawd, this is such a disappointment!

  5. I can’t say am excited that’s KB is hosting the biggest show on the land read AFRICA. Yes he is great guy I mean, no offense bro. Actually I was a great fan of yours way back at inception of Channel O, thanks to the free airing we had in Uganda BUT not BBA. I swear I was looking forward to seeing Mark Pilgrim again. Grrrhh!!

    KB am watching you!

  6. OH NO!!!! Come on- he’s not even good to look at. There are so many hunkier presenters! They should have put Gaetano even! And his facial expressions make it worse- in case he thought they were funny!

  7. Mark Pilgrim all the way!!! KB is a great presenter but not the right guy for such a long show! Please, please, please…. WHY!!!! Lets hope the fans arent disappointed! Mark would have done a better job, or Gaetano, Motene! There are more abled presenters, why HIM, jeez. Good luck KB

  8. Geez not KB people…..Mark woz mwahh.M-net w@ were u thinkin?

  9. Mark Pilgrim all the way!!! KB is a great presenter but not the right guy for such a long show! Please, please, please…. WHY!!!! Lets hope the fans arent disappointed! Mark would have done a better job, or Gaetano, Motene! There are more abled presenters, why HIM, jeez. Good luck KB God bless you all from nigeria.

  10. Mark Pilgrim was biased. He led people to vote Zein out of BBA. He told people to vote out the ‘least entertainer’ after announcing that an online poll has rated Zein as the ‘least entertainer’. Who told him that that is the criteria for voting out BBA housemates? I don’t want to see him again.

  11. I think we should all give KB a chance, see what the guy comes up with. after whatching the launch I didn’t see him wile out the way he we really know him to, so maybe, just maybe the guy knows that it’s a big deal. Yeah, he’s not Mark but wev’e already seen him. I think it’s a good thing that BB decided to go with a fresh face, even if it is KB and big Ups! to you man for taking this on…peace out Africa from Namibia.

  12. oh just give kb a break y dont…he proved himself on sunday and will continue to do so…he brings a careless, african kinda fun element to the show which i think is superb…and i would know coz i was watching it live!

  13. i think KB was great, he may not be as good looking as many people have argued,or not even that “big” to host the show but he surely made laugh at the launch!i think he is great and he will pull it off. Way to go KB! YOU ROCK!

  14. kB is a good host, he is witty! am female, believe me when i say, he may not be good-looking like many have claimed but he is sexy in a rough kind of way.

  15. Amen to Pesh!

  16. am voting ofuneka out.

  17. Really nice post – thanx for sharing

  18. hani mut

  19. a ka naj shqipetar

  20. ku jan shqiperaret

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