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BBA2 House Pictures

Only three days to go and pictures of the new Big Brother Africa 2 house have been posted on the official website… W.O.W! I see M-Net/Endemol have upped their game. The house is situated at Sasani Studios in Johannesburg and I must say it’s really looking great! From the three sneak peak pics I’ve seen, I must say they’re giving many Big Brother houses around the world a run for their money…

The house, according to M-Net “boasts fresh African style married to world-class reality TV technology”. There are 2 bedrooms with six beds in each, an open plan dining room and relaxing lounge and a fully functional kitchen kitted out with an array of domestic appliances. It also has communal bathroom with a shower, an access controlled storeroom and the Diary Room.

Housemates also have access to a 260 square metre garden with Jacuzzi, hammock, barbeque and water features.

The house has bright walls ranging in color from energetic pink and explosive purple to warm orange, vibrant blue and summer green. The décor is multi-textured with wood, fabric and glass complementing electric graphic prints, striking furniture and curving design lines! And this is just a taste of the house, which will be revealed in all its glory on Sunday August 5. All in all, the Big Brother Africa house provides a fitting backdrop to the 12 contestants about to discover their new home!

[Click the pics to view them in a larger format]


What do you think of the new house?

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8 Responses to “BBA2 House Pictures”

  1. the game is up, no african should miss this edtion or………

  2. I have read this about the Uganda housemate:

    “And 24-Seven is aware that you can’t wait to know who, of the 4,000 Ugandan applicants, made it and is daring to top Gaetano Kagwa’s game. Well, all we know for now is that the Ugandan representative is female, and, the best part; she is an old student of Namasagali College!
    Big Brother better be ready for some serious drama, and so should the rest of Africa.”

  3. Beatiful house. was alittle worried when the news leaked that the Uganda housemate was female but knowing she is a product of one of the most randy schools, my nerves are calmed. One thing for sure, she will entertain us!

  4. As we look forward to BBA2 I hope the power(cut) situation in Uganda will not affect the Ugandan viewers and Multichoice please give the Ugandan viewers at least 2-hours to watch for free on any of the local TV stations as not everyone can afford DSTV, who knows, you might get yourselves new customers.

  5. Guys the game started last night what are you still waiting for?? come on keep us updated.

  6. What a house!!!!!!!!!!!! The paint is powerful. More than three months in there. You guys are on a vacation. I love the carpet in the sitting room. It is superb!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy guys

  7. Cum’on, aren’t there more pictures of this famous hse. There must be more. WE WANT MORE PICTURES of the BBA2’s hse.!!!!!

  8. let those that are not real go

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