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Uganda’s the country to watch…

Even though M-Net has kept the 12 housemates identities a secret until launch night, info from ‘sources’ of some of the participarticipating countries have already leaked.

However, I must say, it’s Uganda that looks to be the country that is sure to make the headlines over the next 98 days…

Ben Mwine, the Ugandan field presenter for BBA2, has already caused minor controversy earlier this year, when he was involved in a car accident where a policeman was reportedly killed. His case is still pending.

And recently have inside sources revealed that this year’s female Ugandan housemate is a former Namasagi college student. An institution referred to as “one of the most randy schools” by a blog poster.

So, we wait with baited breath to see the drama and controversy unfold, as Uganda [and the rest of Africa] take center stage in what may become the biggest Big Brother Africa yet!

17 Responses to “Uganda’s the country to watch…”

  1. Hi! I have 2 doubts.

    1. Is it possible to know what were the eviction percentages (or the number of countries that evicted each evicted) in BBA1?

    2. Somebody knows if the people which we lived outside Africa can see the eviction shows? At least, if I will can upload the “Launch” torrent to conserve it.

  2. Hi Edu…

    1) As far as I know, the percentages were never released. Only the share votes from each country for a particular house mate.

    2) I’m planning on capping the eviction shows, as well as daily shows, uncut and nominations. As well as the launch this Sunday.

    Problem is I don’t know where to upload?! Tell me where, then you can make the torrent…

  3. 1) Where can I look up “the share votes from each country for a particular housemate”?
    2) I think that you can upload the files in eMule (P2P) or another form that is more easy: upload files web like Megaupload (, where you can upload a file of up to 500 MB (if it occupies more, you can divide it in 2 or 3 parts).

    Thank you and congratulations for the web! I will follow BBA2 from Spain. 🙂

  4. Rob,
    U got that spot on. If AFRICA ditches the mentality that a worthy housemate must be a role model for kids ,never swear, be motherly ( for crying out loud!!!!!),stay in the kitchen 75% of her time in the house ,stay away from alcohol and stuff, then we are in for a treat! And the idea that a housemate must ‘represent’ his country’s values is total bollocks. What we need is entertainment and which ever housemate provides it, deserves to walk away with the loot! Hopefully the Ugandan girl offers us the viewers exactly that. Back home, we shall be proud!

  5. 1) Those were only shown during the live evictions back in 2003 on TV. There’s nowhere else I’ve seen them on the net. And I don’t have any episodes fro the previous BBA to get those statistics for you.

    2) Thank you. What we can do, if its okay with you, is that I will upload the launch to Megaupload and then you can create the torrent file to share [and obviously acknowledging me]…

    🙂 😮 :-p

  6. Thanks once again for your interest. You can upload the files in Megaupload and I can upload the files in Torrent for the people who want download them.

  7. Rob, Do you remember BB2 where you had multiple cameras and you could choose which one you wanted to see? Either the bathroom or lounge or jacuzzi? I hope they bring that back.

    In BBAfrica 1, I recall several frustrating mornings where the cameras move away from housemates when they are dressing up and they start showing the birds in the garden like WTF?

  8. Hey Shobbster,

    Yeah I do remember – like it was yesterday! When shower hour was on, there was a camera that was ALWAYS filming the shower! 🙂 😮

    I remember what they said about not having the multiple screens in BBAfrica1 – that because the show is being broad casted over so many different decoders and platforms across Africa, there would be a problem to incorporate that technology in channel 37.. or something along those lines….

    So the chance that they have multiple screens this year are VERY SLIM… 😦

  9. robza171 & Edu
    Remember to upload them on “youtube” if you can, thanks!

  10. Guys, if its a chick in the house for Uganda, she ain’t gonna last. We all know that Ugandan chicks know how watched they are especially by family. So its gonna be a tight paper. No way can a chick beat Gaetano. Not a Ugandan chick.

  11. hmmm,edu and robza171,thnx for all ur efforts to ensure that those of us that are far away from Dear home,mother Africa,will get a sneak peak & feel of the events in the house.
    please edu,as soon as &whenver u make the torrent,upload & please hit me with the torrent url.please! and can u guys stream this channel so tht we can watch bba2 live via p2p likes tv ants and sopcast(its what they do for soccer-ive been watching a few games on supersport like this much as im in S.E Asia ) hope it aint too much to ask.
    And yeah,Uganda to the bone,Maureen all the way!,we’ll party to her victory come November(evn in S.E Asia).Go goo goo gal!

  12. please email me a megaupload link if possible or a torrent link
    i will be happy to seed everything back

  13. So whats the link for mega upload or torrent link?

  14. I’m an african-american male living in the US and I am begging for someone to please tell me how to get a hold of the torrents for Big Brother Africa! I’m dying to see it. Can someone tell me how??? PLEASE!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  15. well, i think that Momo(Maureen) is doing jus fine no matter where she studied or not. what matters is how can operate her wit on the other guys who to me dont seem a challenge to get her jakpot. For the fact that the ugandan chick is aware and very careful and watchful with what she’s doing. yes we can say she wont beat Gae on the same game. To me she dont seem bold enough like the ordinary ugandan chicks (come on Mo mo you can be bolder than that). And ofcause that doesnt rule out the fact that she wont servive the first four evictions. Go Mo mo !!

  16. are there any webrips after ep 2 yet im gutted to not be seeing this

  17. Greetings welshwizard.

    I have been unable to upload any of the BBA shows, so I posted that link which I thought they would keep updating? Seems they’ve stopped at 2 eps. I’ve asked them, and they said that they will be posting new eps. but this was last week… and still nada…

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