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BBA2 starts tonight! :-)

With less than 12 hours to go ’til the big launch, I’m sure fans of the show can’t wait for the moment to arrive and are as excited as ever! Well, I know I am!

I thought I’d post a summary schedule of what a true BBA fan’s week should consist of:

M-Net and the AfricaMagic channel will screen a host of Big Brother Africa 2 programming including a daily 30-minute edited highlights show (running from Tuesday to Friday). There’ll also be a 60-minute Saturday highlights show, 60-minute Sunday eviction show, a 60- minute Monday nomination show and a Friday evening 30-minute Uncut show for audiences to enjoy.

Note: Nominations for eviction start Monday August 13, a week after the show and the first eviction will be held on August 19, two weeks after the show starts.

Remember, the show launches TONIGHT on DStv channel 37 and AfricaMagic (channel 102) at 19H00 CAT. My apologies, but I’m not too sure about the East and West Africa times…


12 Responses to “BBA2 starts tonight! :-)”

  1. Anybody knows if it’s possible to see DStv or AfricaMagic by Internet? Because I’m from outside Africa and I would like to see the live Launch.

  2. EDU go to will be able to see it it is Sa tv for expats has a add for big brother hope it helps.

  3. Thanks Janine.
    But if I cannot see the live Launch, I hope that I can download the video tomorrow . 🙂

  4. Hey Eduardo.

    Don’t worry, I will be uploading the launch tonight. And you should have the link by tomorrow to create a torrent file.


  5. wow, you’re going to upload the episode? as a torrent, or elsewhere?

  6. Well, as a torrent. Maybe to YouTube as well for those people who want it there. This will only be tomorrow though.

  7. oh, so you won’t be doing this for future shows?

  8. Well, I will try to upload all highlights, nominations, evictions, some shower hour, and uncut shows…. No promises though.

  9. wow, if you could do that, that would be amazing.

  10. Am a kenyan in the UK,I enjoy bb here but I cant believe will miss the African one.
    wish we could watch it on the internet.

  11. Hello, pliz update me i have not had time to watch BB2 and i enjoy BB so much

  12. The big Brother Show is full of drama/truma and betrayal. true colours of house mates will be shown.The sudden change of heart of Maxwell over Code is just one example. For me i would say the show must aim at showcasing different african cultures and show be aimed at promoting morality rather that immorality. I think Code is doing well soffer by not creating enemity with many.
    Alick Maere

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