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Housemate 12 : Bertha [Zimbabwe]


Name: Bertha
Age: 28
Birthday: June 2
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Harare
Height: 1.65m
Occupation: Lawyer/PR and Communication Consultant

Bertha spent a year in the USA as an exchange student when she was 16 and says the experience taught her to appreciate and love her home country. “I was an ambassador, a student, and a teacher. I had to learn about my people and teach others about my heritage. That changed my view of Zimbabwe and of Africa….then began my love affair with my continent.”

Bertha says that she wanted to be on Big Brother Africa 2 because “my mother is a fan!” Further the law graduate encourages audiences to watch her on the show “because I am camera-genic, full of life, eloquent and a prankster.” However Bertha does say that she tends to be bossy and critical. A fan of the Springboks, the Stormers, Manchester United and Real Madrid, Bertha admires Oprah Winfrey because of the talk show queen’s ability to empower others to be better people.

10 Responses to “Housemate 12 : Bertha [Zimbabwe]”

  1. Weel done, great blog and great posts!!!

  2. bertha will definately win guys… she got lots 2 offer … watchout pple

  3. Guys this woman is going to drive everyone nuts
    i wnet to uni with her and she’s opinionated,seriously vain and in need of help.

  4. I’m not surprised that bertha’s been selected to represent zim, she’s a natural born leader and she always lives up to any challenge, she was my cell leader at church, so yea definetly bossy lol.

  5. This is one fly lady, she will go far and will be rooting for her all the way!

  6. what a Girl u are sassy baby u are just hot enchanting,good orator and i want 2 see u havin shower naked just do it girl.


  8. am so sorry about you? you are layon.

  9. Keep on. Do not gossip its unlike Zimbabwe.

  10. wish you all the best of luck,en mum i hope you are watchin love you
    how are you dad and fadzai and eric

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