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Housemate 2 : Justice [Botswana]


Name: Justice
Age: 23
Birthday: January 17
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Serowe
Height: 1.52m
Occupation: Freelance Journalist/Student

If he wrote his own book, Justice would call it “An Idiot’s Guide to Harnessing the Marvellous Power of Madness”. An absolute enthusiast for the art of debate, Justice says if he won USD 100 000 he’d use part of the money to start a debating organization. He also says his favourite memory was when he presented a bid for Botswana to host the World Universities Debating Championships. “I was thrilled by the reception and encouragement I received.”

And, if he wins a task in the Big Brother house, Justice would like his reward to be sponsorship to study at Oxford or Sydney Universities because they have the best debating societies in the world. “It may sound intense, but yeah that’s me, I’m quite a character”. Listing his bad habits, Justice says, “I’m too controversial, I debate anything. I like playing the devil’s advocate.” He relaxes by reading, admires Richard Branson (“to say that he is amazing is an understatement”), his favourite foods are Thai and Chinese and he’d love to visit Necker Island.

5 Responses to “Housemate 2 : Justice [Botswana]”

  1. I think Kweku needs to be the man in the house cos he is the eldest and also he must set good examples for the rest to follow.

  2. MA justo u will make it My Bra i wish u the best ma Bra.cheeers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Keep it up Justice height aint a challenge ask bow wow

  4. hey justice

    Imagine my shock when i hear that you are on BBA2! This kid i met at World’s is now a big star!!…Congrats kiddo! see you in thailand this year

  5. this guy he is very nice and good i’ very sorry for it’s happen

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