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Housemate 3 : Kwaku [Ghana]


Name: Kwaku
Age: 30
Birthday: June 1
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Kumawu
Height: 1.77m
Occupation: Self Employed (Entertainment Consultant, Brand Architect, Artist)

Ghana’s Kwaku says that it’s in the interest of DStv audiences to watch him on Big Brother Africa 2 because he’ll “keep them entertained.” He also says that he wanted to be on Big Brother Africa 2 because he felt he “had the winning qualities required.” A fan of Ghana’s Black Stars and self motivating literature, he says that if he could spend one day with someone famous, he’d pick Jay Z for a few simple reasons. “I admire his creativity and believe we are like-minded individuals. Not forgetting the fact that the sky would be the limit as far as our money-spending potential on this said hypothetical day!”

Kwaku says the achievement he’s most proud of is performing on BET’s ‘106 and Park’ because “In a world full of religious and racial intolerance as Africans we were able to set an example in a foreign country that suggested that an African was equally capable of achieving tremendous heights as anyone else in the world.” When listing his bad habits, Kwaku says that he likes to take his time when doing stuff and is very analytical.

10 Responses to “Housemate 3 : Kwaku [Ghana]”

  1. Big ups K’ . Make us proud like a true Ghanaian – we’re watching you….lol

  2. You have it all K’ don;t mess it up. I see you’ve got eyes for meryl – just play it safe ha ha …………

  3. yo,ma boi.go all the way 4 tha bucks.just play ya games well!!

  4. U r so sexy and i luv dat american acent .u r really repsresenting ur country its a sad thing I am not from it

  5. man i think u r cool i like u r style

  6. fake guy with fake accent. why dont u be ur real self and stop that fake accent of urs.

  7. he is very good guy

  8. you are the most sweetest in the house. pls be your self and the sky will be your limit.

  9. Play it safe with the girls and as for the guys make sure u’re cool with them.Beyond the sky is the limit,so let it happen for GH. and let the cash drop.But remember without the cash u aren’t coming to GH.
    BIG UPS!!!!!!!!

  10. Hello

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