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Housemate 4 : Jeff [Kenya]


Name: Jeff
Age: 23
Birthday: November 21
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Kisumu
Height: 1.85m
Occupation: Novelist and Entrepreneur

The author of a recently published book, 23-year-old Kenyan Jeff describes himself as “competitive, confident and courageous”. Widely traveled across Africa, Jeff has taken in the sights and sounds of Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. He also lived in Harare in Zimbabwe for three years as a teenager.

Looking to the future, he’d love to visit Lagos saying, “I love Nigeria and Lagos symbolizes the country and its people, its busy, jam packed and full of life. I could write a million novels just by giving Lagos a single stare.”

Though he relaxes by meditating, Jeff is a work-out fanatic who normally trains in the mornings. He also says that though he is his own hero, if given the opportunity, he’d like to meet Nelson Mandela, Wangari Maathai, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, Kalusha Bwalya, Roger Milla, George Weah and former Big Brother Africa winner Cherise.

39 Responses to “Housemate 4 : Jeff [Kenya]”

  1. This guy is strange maybe a bit to well i dont know will be watching the new website for bigbrother is

  2. Janine, well put. He gives me the creeps!!! I thought he was 30-something!!

  3. He has lied ati he is 23… He must be like fortae-fae with 3 kids… Anyway it’s all good.

    He cooks, he cleans, he wears orange… He’s Jeff and he’s Kenyan. This is what we have to work with and this is what we will work with….

  4. Jeff, maybe u think we are here for sm kind of joke. Its funny that u reduced ur age as low as 23 or have u forgotten ur birthdate? Pls spare us sm jokes. 100,000 USD is a lot of money pls be serious. Pls try and be a little modest next time.

  5. Let those who are criticizing Jeff feel ashamed especially if your from Kenya.He participated in the event and got chosen so sit back,relax and watch a grown man do his thing.Jeff 339’s got your back.

  6. i back up chalo. i believe so many went out there and were dismissed. only he made it through. and as a kenyan, give him the support guys. what if he is 23 as he says?nothing can be done about it now. lets roll!!!!

  7. aaai,why do Kenyans have to end up with weird characters? Holi the Bully n nw the Bayo look alike. surely there are better and more happening Kenyans….and i know there are

  8. People! please stop bitching about our Kenyan participant. Where were you for the auditions. He went and he was chosen. Live with it and vote for him to stay and win!!!!

  9. nimo i agree with you. the guy look so weird. well lets see and enjoy the show.

  10. I dont really think alex was a bully i reckon he was jolly good fun and well jeffs kenyan thats all you know so far.. the show hasnt been on long enough for you to judge him…tell you what nimo why dont you apply and we’ll see if they select you since your so damn “happening” end of the day support your countryman

  11. Jeff you have my support, you can be a great leader go for it

  12. the guy is great- are you guys jelous that he has a build that doesn’t come by easily- i bet most of you are round, short, pot-bellied, light skinned sissys- do you know the universal definition of handsome- look for it you will find it some where. And, what do you mean by weird?- it takes one of the same to notice another. So, simply shut up, you know nothing about him, watch him and don’t be too hasty to judge. Go jeff, Go!

  13. support my country man ? hell no , ata kama najivunia : aai not this one ! what were the judges thinking …

  14. jeff… dude needs to start talking n acting normal!! hes always in the kitchen n those press ups.. wow no comment… he freaks me out a bit…

  15. Jeff do your thing. Kenyans are witcha all the way!!!! Don’t listen to the usual whiners. Najivunia all the way, and swear to be my bros keeper!!

  16. Oh pls kenyans who are despising Jeff should get a life. Jeff is the bomb. Brother Go Go!!!

  17. He is an ODM delegate out to campaign for agwambo.Kwani whats with
    the orange suit?

  18. iwant ofunneka tobring home the money

  19. ofunneka is a real nigeria girl you must come back with the money

  20. if you say ofunneka should leave the house you are a losser because lossers dont like seeine winners so ofunneka is the winner

  21. ofunneka is the bomb

  22. ofunneka is coming back with the money

  23. ofunneka stay cool and play cool

  24. ofunneka focus on the money and not boys like other house mate be your self you will come back with te money stay cool

  25. ofunneka good going continue we are by your side

  26. ofunneka dont look at any bodies face but look at the money

  27. ofunneka bring the money home

  28. ofunneka come home with the money we are waiting for you

  29. jeff are u really 23years old,old boy u sabi lie no be small.

  30. i cant belive it that old jeff forgot to look at himself in the mirrow before changing his age,. …. na wa o…. he is a full grown papa, with so much knowledge.

  31. jeff i like somuch cous he is very jentil and intelejent .qul guy he is not lawz he is hard worker he is not slep like others hous meet he is looking all of hous meet like rel brouth .and thure

  32. Jeff is too seriouse to be in the big brother. he should be evicted next. lerato keep-up the good work SA is behind you. Code is such a snake he should go after Jeff. Kay in PMB

  33. volcano you gonna have some big competion watch the space Kay is on the way

  34. u r my man anyuola. let nobody bwogo u! wan kanyakla omera jeff!

  35. jeff shud go hez bored

  36. Jeff my namesake has to go. His not fitting in the housemates

  37. Jeff i hope you left kids at home because your not your self.

  38. ofunneka out out out the house;

  39. u people should leave ofuneka alone she is coming back with d money.

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