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Housemate 5 : Code [Malawi]


Name: Code
Age: 31
Birthday: June 2
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Blantyre
Height: 1.74m
Occupation: Broadcaster

Malawian radio personality and music man Code would love to visit Paris, likes weight lifting sometimes, enjoys reading music magazines, loves nature and wants to meet Al Gore because of Gore’s role in the Global Warming Campaign. He says that the best advice he ever got was from his father who told him to “brush your teeth and keep your breath fresh all the time.”

Code relaxes with his favourite beer and a good movie, with some of his favourites being The Bourne Identity, Hitch, Casino Royale and The Rising Sun. He says audiences should watch him on Big Brother Africa 2 because he is “the full package”. He explains by saying “I write songs, I am an artist, I am true to myself, and I am a great entertainer with style.”

39 Responses to “Housemate 5 : Code [Malawi]”

  1. No comments?? No information?? Hello!!!

  2. Sorry J…
    Was in a bit of a hurry to get all the housemate profiles up…
    Cheers. 🙂

  3. Code, yu gat to do it the way yu do it on FM 101 radio. Yu r ma man throughout. Bring the dough home.

  4. CODE, Prove that all good starts from Ndirande. U really are a true son of Malawi. Wishing you all the best

  5. Achimwene. Za inu timadziwa. You have never disappointed us. Malawi is solidly behind you and believe it bro; you will be the last person to exit that house. C.O.D.E. WOYEEEEE!!!!!!! MALAWI WOYEEEEEE!!!!!!!! INENSO WOYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  6. I just got the news today that C.O.D.E. is the representing my home country, I’ve always loved his music and he sure has a great personality, Dziko I’m also sure he wont disappoint.



  9. Amuna 100, 000 is coming to Malawi this time. Musatikhumudwitsetu kumeneko. Kuyimba National Anthem mwankokomo.

  10. hey C O D E wi are behind you,represent your home country

  11. thnx for putttin malawi on the map

  12. Glad to see you represent Malawi, wishing you the best of luck, certainly you will be the last one to leave that you, Ndix woyeeee!

  13. goodluck to you any of you know where we can watch on line???

  14. Its not about working code but its about watching ocdo what he does best thats living life to the fullest

  15. code its time to proove to africa that all malawian men arent like Zein(the last representative).We dont want you to win or lose,we know you have gone there tobe the last man standing

  16. Baby boy i know u will make it,all the best

  17. C.O.D.E show them what stuff u r made of

  18. Ma Man C.O.D.E dont forget to play them dat Spanish version.(Spanyolo) and “Ku Ndilande”

    We all behind & we dont regret sending u there u’ll do it


  19. Super extra dats what u r CODE………..
    No doubt u gonna make it

    We all pray 4 u

  20. wawa kwathu ku Ndirande (Code) ,you are atrue son of malawi keep the Malawi flag up bring the money home we are behind you all the best

  21. U r the man C.O.D.E…Malawizo fa shizzle!

  22. This time around Malawi has a true son as its representative at the BBA2 . A true son of Africa. More Fire!!! Confidence Confidence and alot of it pays.

  23. CODE, we are behind you and Africa here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Wow! C.O.D.E.? thats ma boy! am all on u till u get that cash.thats all urs dont be afraid as ur ‘the full package”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big up to u


  26. code,dont disappoint us as what your friends are doing are not there for malpractices,just bring the money home not to be evicted before 90 days.all the best as we are solely praying for you day and nyt.ndirande woyee!code chweeee! prove to the world that malawi is indeed the warm heart of africa all the way from ndirande ndix.dont be afraid take it easy,u gona make it boy!

  27. i love your manners,just maintain the way you are behaving,as that is one of the factors which will spice up your big prize.all the best,just take it easy man.
    chimzy ndix for shizo manizo real mkhulang’ona

  28. amtchona akudikira ndalamazo ndiye osabwerako chabe.pliz bring us that huge amount of money.ndix and code for life

  29. code come rain all sunshine u’ll bring de money in the warm heart of africa u’re a true son of malawi.

  30. Keep tha fire burning CODE. U gonna make it by all means

  31. Hey CODE, keep the heart of Africa warming. Yourself forever

  32. Go Code goooooooooooooooo. Your Uncle Antchona is waiting for the money. Malawi alwez on ur side. u r not alone

  33. Mo fire CODE.U r our pride & we r on your side So make Malawi proud.may God be your guide.Gud luck and keep the flames blazing.

  34. code why aint u straight. leave maureen alone and go for the money……. afterall u have ur shody waitng 4 u.

  35. He is a very good guy

  36. We are proud of you Code!!!! keep it up neighbour!

  37. Code, I just heard your Dutch girlfriend is pregnant. That is great news for you man….. She is already for 12 weeks pregnant so that means you will have a kid when you will win or come out of the Big Brother house :D:D Good luck with it 😉

  38. hie code make malawi proud!good luck

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