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Housemate 6 : Meryl [Namibia]


Name: Meryl
Age: 21
Birthday: March 8
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: RSA
Height: 1.65m
Occupation: PA / Receptionist

She’s the youngest housemate on Big Brother Africa 2 and Namibia’s Meryl couldn’t be happier about being on the show. The 21-year-old Namibian says that being on the show means she can now show people who never believed in her what she’s capable of and who she really is.

Meryl describes her clothing style as revealing, sexy and seductive and would love to hang out on the islands of Hawaii. She has no idea what her most embarrassing moment is and when asked about her bad habits says, “Apparently I tend to be very lazy.” She loves music and when she’s not relaxing by listening to her favourite songs, Meryl enjoys shopping and watching television. Her favourite shows include Prison Break, Desperate Housewives and Egoli, among others. Whilst she was born in SA, Meryl is Namibian raised and when speaking about her home, Meryl says the whole country of Namibia is beautiful but her favourite place is the country’s well-known dunes.

22 Responses to “Housemate 6 : Meryl [Namibia]”

  1. Want to wish you all the best of in the house.


  2. All the best, I saw you yesturday and you rocked.. keep up the appearance..

  3. Hi. very sexy young lady you are Meryl. Just hope you don’t get disadvantaged by your lack of self ascertiveness. Be yourself and the cash is yours.

  4. What means “RSA” in the place of birth?

  5. Meryl ur very good and entertaining with Lerato on ur first day.My wish is that you manage to bring home the prize coz you rock gal.

  6. What can i say? Great pair of Knockers she’s got there

  7. This babe is so concerned about her boobs that I already love Her. So she got all the supportr from me.

  8. Go Meryl, you can do it! Just be yourself and you’ll take home the prize. ^_^

  9. marry be ur self we will support u..take the price girl

  10. Fist we had a white Namibian, now a South African Namibian, what next?????

  11. Merly be yourself babe we are behind you and bring the money home but whatever you do follow your heart. all the best.

    we love you – Smiley

  12. Meryl…you dont need to be fake. Just be rael. I know you can make it, and every Namibian believe it that you can make it. Bring something sexy girl. I love you!!!

  13. girlfriend, please keep it real and stop faking it. A true woman will be herself and all will be in place for making Namibia proud.
    Waiting for you to keep it real girl.

  14. the boobs are nice,but trust me,they look better in are beautiful.dont throw that away

  15. meryl , you have a great body and nice butts. u are juicy . let kwaku go deep inside your juicy lovebox before u leave the house . it is natural . u won’t regret ……………..

  16. girl why dont u be a lady and stop throwing ur boobs out,. its not for an African lady.

  17. stop stop stop smoking
    stop stop stop direnking
    stop stop stop ccheating
    stop stop stop dancing

  18. Just luv Meryl

  19. Hi Meryl i thought you’re breath taking girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. They made a mistake voting u out cause u HOT!

  21. Hi,
    We have not heard from you for some time, my name is bunkies am Nigeria would like to know more about you.
    my email is


  22. Karibu sana Tanzania shemeji yetu………

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