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Housemate 7 : Ofunneka [Nigeria]


Name: Ofunneka
Age: 29
Birthday: August 9
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Jos, Plateau
Height: 1.6m
Occupation: Personal Assistant to Medical Director

Nigerian Big Brother Africa 2 housemate Ofunnekama is a 29-year-old Lagos resident who holds a BSC degree in Chemistry. The straight talking Ofunnekama says that the event that changed her life was the recent end of a relationship which she describes as “an eye opening experience.” She would love to travel to Rome and to visit the Vatican to see the Pope.

Asked to name her best achievement so far, Ofunnekama says that it was when she was named Staff of the Year just six months into her new job. “This showed me that with God by my side, hard work and determination, I am destined for greatness and my colleagues and my boss saw this too.” She’s also very clear about why she entered Big Brother Africa saying that she wanted to participate “for the exposure, to sell my talents to the whole of Africa, and explore opportunities beyond the shores of my country.” A fan of reading, cooking and listening to music (“all at once”), Ofunnekama believes that “the sky is just the beginning”.

29 Responses to “Housemate 7 : Ofunneka [Nigeria]”

  1. hey , i hope u rep us naija ohh
    show dem d nigerian style
    take care

  2. Quit being so uptight and boring…

    She looks a tad out of her depth when the others are having fun

  3. i want to belive she is just taking her time to study other house mate cos no naiga is a bored or boring person so girl give them d bite.

  4. Maybe she’s just not as loose as the other girls?

  5. Way to go seun! naira land rocks…. Man… those girls are clearly otut of it.. Ofunneka’s taking it the Nigerian way, studying her environment first… those 2 girls thik its about baring all their assets? They shall so lose in the end its hilarious!

  6. hi big girl
    i am the one the classmates in UI call loud speaker. You remember i said you were destined for greatness so hit them all up regards from makinde

  7. u look really nigerian

  8. rep us well o

  9. Hey girl can you please make niger proud again we dey your side

  10. we dey your side…kampe! and please don’t loud it…(too much)…Gods Speed and GRACE

  11. Ofunneka,i beg rep us well. Since bayo couldn’t win the first one,we all rely on you. Show them the naija style.Make your motto ‘stopp to conquer’

  12. Ofunneka,i beg rep us well. Since bayo couldn’t win the first one,we all rely on you. Show them the naija style.Make your motto ‘stoop to conquer’

  13. i like this girl, she is typical african and quite down to earth. Compared to those constipated Namibian and Angolan Chicks!

  14. baby girl take ur time and do wat is best for us all nigerians .keep it close and stay tight. God bless

  15. Which of the Nigerian TV stations air this programme pls?

  16. Be yourself and do Nigeria proud

  17. Ofuneky, go girl. Just be urself. We are standing strong by u!!!!!!!

  18. Ofuneky…Naija rules!

  19. Am not sure you are really representing 9ja well o!You are to into yourself and withdrawn kind of.But then it might be your tactics.I like your intelligent conversations tho.DO us proud


  21. ofunneka,lets just say u look innocent and tryin 2 kip 2 urself.dat cld be ur tactis,but d in thin is dat u can still get d pay 4 naija.

    Clay 4rm naija

  22. Hi girl,
    no mind them, take your time and understand the rest housemate and show them what kind of naija girl you are! I am solidly behind you.

  23. Hello Ofunneka,
    You really av to be smarter . Try to be urself cos imitation is limitation. PEACE 4 U.

  24. Do ur best and make sure u represent us well.Go ahead girl God dey ur side

  25. In all u do in dat house, just know evryone is looking up to u. make sure u do well so u could walk on Nigerian roads afterwards

  26. i thin nekky is pretty uptight. truth is, she’s got to open up lil bit. guys remember, we r not the only ones in this game, shes at the risk of being voted out by other countries if she’s too dull for long.

  27. still maintain dat innocent look, i like d way u present yrsef 2 d housemates, representing d 9jas – KEEP IT TIGHT

  28. good luck babe and stop been dull like a village a girl.
    i know u can make it., so play wise.

  29. ofiniii tray tray okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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