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Housemate 8 : Lerato [South Africa]


Name: Lerato
Age: 24
Birthday: October 31
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Soweto
Height: 1.75m
Occupation: Events co-ordinator

South Africa’s Lerato knows exactly why audiences should watch her on Big Brother Africa 2. The advertising college graduate reveals that she’s full of surprises and says, “I even surprise myself so you never know what you gonna get.” Having been selected as a housemate, Lerato says she wants to see “how far I can push myself.”

A collector of Converse sneakers, with a desire to visit Jamaica and the Caribbean, Lerato says if she wins the big prize on Big Brother Africa 2, she’ll buy her mom a new car, donate some to charity, invest some and go on a vacation! Meanwhile she credits her mom for the best advice she’s ever been given which was simply, “you can’t make everyone happy, so start with making yourself happy and the rest will fall into place.”

16 Responses to “Housemate 8 : Lerato [South Africa]”

  1. Hi guys, does anyone know any links to watch bba on the internet?

  2. Lerato is hot.the vibe with kwaku keep it goinng because we want entertainment.

  3. i really big brother it rocks,i like lareto she’s tight and max well he also rocks alot i like him too,i sitali really big brother one of my fav reality show!

  4. big brother really rocks baby i like em

  5. Yea I can see Lareto and Kwaku having a think. I mean Kwaku is just hundsome and who would resist him…………… all the best guys

  6. Baby u are just a diva lovavo u are just representing Mzanzi African

  7. lerato a big fan in namibia, wishes u luck

  8. Does Lerato has a boy friend at home in Namibia and does Kwaku also have a Girl friend, if they are also watching this BBA then its a pity.

  9. plz stop smoking

  10. lerato we are waiting pls come back before you being thrown out

  11. i like this chick she rocks

  12. N0 comment

  13. Lerato i need advice m a volunteer in a community project

  14. Nice name

  15. name.Simon
    place of birth.brits.


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