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I smell a rat…

So… there you have it. BBA2 has finally launched and the twelve housemates have gotten used their new home quite quickly…

I just wanted to find out from people who watched the show and had access to the interactive channel 37 function… Did you also notice that ALL the housemates’ faces were revealed on the data application thingy even before we saw them officially on the red carpet?! I was so frustrated with not only myself for being inquisitive and spoiling the fun of meeting each housemate one by one, but also with M-Net for making such a STOOPID mistake and putting it up even before the freaking show started! Arrgh…

And another thing I found rather odd, was that Code, Richard, Maxwell and Bertha’s names already had “VOTED OUT” written across their faces on the ‘data application feature’. What is M-Net up to?! I don’t believe that a show like Big Brother could be rigged as we watch it all live, including the nominations, so there’s no way that these 4 could potentially be evicted in the future…

Mmm…. All I know is that if these are the first four housemates to leave the house, then something fishy is definitely going on and M-Net is gonna have a lot of explaining to do…

We’ll just have to wait and see.

CodeVO RichVO Maxvo Berthavotedout

13 Responses to “I smell a rat…”

  1. At the moment (and only with their photos) my favourites are: Ofunneka, Maureen and Richard.

  2. Well, when you see the show. That may slightly change. For me, Tatiana has a great personality, as does Meryl and Lerato. Those 3 have become good friends already…

    An error occurred during my taping of the live broadcast as the interactive feature on channel 37 kept popping up, so I will be re-taping the repeat tomorrow and then upload it immediately. Sorry about that.

  3. OK. Don’t warry! I will see tomorrow the Launch. 🙂

  4. Bob can u please put Shower hour on Youtube?

    I missed it.

  5. Yes show hour and not only the girls! I need to see some guys.

  6. When will be emited the repeat Launch (hour)? I’m so exited to see the Launch.
    I have seen some videos in the official site and… I’m lovin’ it. 🙂

  7. Noticed that too and i trully hope it was mistake on their part. Seems fishy already.

  8. Yo R, Where you at dude? Quit that Houdini shit and give us somn.

    I need a fix dammit!!!

  9. Did you have any luck taping the repeat of the launch?

  10. Nope, but I did tape the first one. I suppose it’s better than nothing. I will upload soon. Dunno when though…

  11. Oh no, anything is better than nothing so please upload what you have whenever you get a chance.

  12. please show us what all are doing in the house man please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smiley

  13. Yo dude where the shower hour tape at?

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