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Is KB Big Brother material?

I don’t think so. 😦 So the guy has a great personality, has travelled the African continent extensively and has been presenting for about 10 years. Does that make him the perfect replacement for Big Brother Africa 2? Hell no….

During this evening’s launch, one could see that he was WAY in over his head. He wasn’t professional at all. Fumbling over his words, and such… *sigh*… and ad-libbing by adding in a few of his own jokes got a little stale after a while (as always!) There’s nothing we can do about it now, we stuck with him and his sense of humour for 98 days… Who knows, maybe over time he’ll get better and we’ll learn to love him as we did Mark Pilgrim?

Somehow… I doubt it.

24 Responses to “Is KB Big Brother material?”

  1. Yeah its like they go – lets pick a presenter who has been around for ages and everyone surely must like afterall he is a familiar face. Well you blew it this time guys…
    And did you notice the only adj he could come up with while touring the BBA house was “nice”..nice lemons, nice table, etc. Gimme a break.

  2. Agree 100% felt dragged out but there is nothing we can do about it your 3 you like i think good choice and the one guy from gana might be fun anyway think your blogg better than bb site keep it up.

  3. KB is totally hopeless but we are stuck with him and must somehow learn to like him.

  4. KB is annoying…he almost put me off watching the show last night with his tired jokes…if you can call them that…we need some fresh face pls.

  5. Here’s where i dont agree. I like KB, he’s a very human presenter. down to earth. thats what i like about him. there’s nothing fake about his persona. I admit, when I first saw him as a presenter on Channel O, I didnt take to him, but his personality always shines through. It grows on you. You’ll see

  6. Mark remains the best ever. I’m so not feeling KB 😦

  7. show ur real part to the worrld girl ,the 100,000us dollars is yoursgirl ifuneka,ochigoo from nigeria

  8. totiano i always admire ur dressing keep it real

  9. You are all lying. Kabelo is the best. I like his sense of humour. I don’t like people like Mike Majik who present shows as if they are addressing the President.

  10. He’s travelled alot fine but not BBA2 material pliz…………….MARK woz cool.

  11. Mark Pilgrim was biased. He led people to vote Zein out of BBA. He told people to vote out the ‘least entertainer’ after announcing that an online poll has rated Zein as the ‘least entertainer’. Who told him that that is the criteria for voting out BBA housemates? I don’t want to see him again

  12. Boss, i dont have DSTV, so will mos definitely be popping on your blog to get all the juice… so keep me posted, so that i dont feel left out when my friends talk about it!!!

    Great Blog!!!

    Chief Exec BJ

  13. Big man. Are you Zein?

    Zein was a boring mofo. Ilse Marie, bless her threw everything at the clueless dude and he just kept that shite grin on his face all the damned time.

  14. Ive been likin Kb since Channel O…


  15. Ise-Marie threw her stuff on Richie Rich but Chucky rejected her in BB SA 2 ! Its Warona who was kept frustrated by the clueless Zein. what a waste of space. Even the parrots were more entertaining!!

  16. keep me in touch as I don’t have DSTV but I want to see my gal from Namibia how she doing over there. if she couldn’t win then she must bring that nice boob home. go gal go

  17. Kabelo sucks, my god, how on earth could the organizors of BBA2 pick on someone like that after the standard that were set by Mark Pilgrim…this is going to the most horrible BB episode ever. One would have thought that we would have a more vibrant BBA presentor to make up for the already glaring shortcomings of the housemates compared to the bunch we had in BBA1, I mean guys lets face it, which guy exactly is gonna step in the all too big shoes of Gaetano, who is going to be as level headed as Stephan? not to mention the all too natural raunchiness of Abby. The competition simply isnt there.

  18. KB ur good, yeah. But this show will be nicer with a female anchoring alongside. Biggie consider this.

  19. Biggie, KB was getting tired on sunday night. For whatever its worth , pls giv him a hand by picking a female to present with him. There’s
    a limit to every human’s strength.

  20. KB you’re doing great boy..always crack me up. BIG UP!!

  21. guys lets admit,Maureen is the chic in da house.she is got it all.she is too good.will take the cash home.

  22. Definitely KB is way over his league, but then we all knew that. We all assummed he had upped his game if the producers saw him fit to present Big Brother 2. But alas he is as tired as ever. Anyway as for the housemates I think they are great and unique in their own way. As for us Zimbos, we are proud of our Bertha who is holding her own. Lastly to Richards wife, hang in there, work it out with your man when he comes out.

  23. I think Tatty is way over the top.given the chance to save herself she foregoes that right.lets kick her out fo behaving as if we r stupid n shz oready won.Tatty playtime z over time to go home.u aint seen nothng yet.

  24. Hi biggie,I think its gonna be very difficult fo any country/representative that have won bb b4 to do it again.Look at how Maxwell was booted out!overwhelming gettn the only vote from Zed.he was payn fo cherise’s sins of winning bb 1.surely if thats going to be the criteria then i suggest u dont invite representatives/countries who hav won it b4.

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