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BBA2 website

Check out the official BBA2 website here.

I’ve also added the link under my Blogroll.

PS: Please don’t forget about the little people (Moi. He he…) now that you have the Official website to go to. Pop in now and again to say hi…

55 Responses to “BBA2 website”

  1. Aww we’d never forget about you! Love the site, keep it up!

    Maureen to win! Woo!

  2. 🙂 Thanks Zane…

  3. Iwe Bertha – Unza chibhanzi ichocho kumba, wanzwa!!!!

  4. Maxwel bring da money home.ackim

  5. well d guys r cute n well built especially d guy 4rm kenya.katiana is very pretty but i don’t fancy d 1 dat says she wud even bakstab a friend so she could go home wit d price moni.all in all,i ges dis episode of bigbrother is 1 not 2 b misd.u can b rest assured i’m goin stay glued 2 d front of my t.v set n send ma vote evriday.dis isn’t 1 2 mis.ciao

  6. well d guys r cute n well built espesially d guy 4rm kenya.katiana is pretty wit a nys body which is gona cause serious distraction 2 d guys.well,i think dis episode of big brother is promising n huge n i feel dat viewer’s r goin s have their fill of dis reality t.v show.i 4 1 am gonna stay glued 2 d front of ma t.v set n i wii b sending in ma vote evryday.ciao

  7. Tatiana dont forget the bring the money home,we are very proud of you sooooo Forca Angola

  8. Africa is watching,yes soon will know who’s acting or living reality in house,so watch out or u actors in the house we dont need u….hahahaha CODE i think u will go far but I gat to Go for my countryman kenya’s katiana

  9. naija don’t mess up

  10. brick city boys

  11. tatiana parabens,xtas a representar angola mto bm. FORCA ANGOLAAAAAAAAA

  12. i think the reason that was already out is that mnet never does anything live, except the initial day and the final show! the logisitics of filming wil not let them broadcast live, so u can be sure they do some eiditing and stuff first, probably why they erroneously put up stuff that hadnt yet been broadcast. be not deceived, the only things that come on live on tv are the news and sports.

  13. well,well,well,it’s here with us again,huh? people should start doin what is required in showers,i.e. take one! what’s with washing only one body part,i.e hands ,so as to hide everything else,i bet we’ve all seen a naked human body,yours won’t be the first.Jeff,what’s with the sit-ups,quit them please.otherwise,u hot boy,leta dough nyumbani,(bring the dough home,for the non-swahili speakers),i love u boy,ur body is too hot to resist,usiku moja nawe,lol.U’r a good leader too.Supporting u all the way.Watch out for the “delilah” in the house,she just out to kick the guyz out of the house,u know her,dontcha?

  14. kwaku will definately bring the money home and someone should tell that namibian girl to stop seducing him.

  15. Hey there, thanks for showing the way to the official website of the BBA, and not to worry, we wont forget u. Def’natly drop by now and then.

  16. i think richard will fuck lorreta

  17. richard please fuck maureen

  18. Jeff..lete pesa home..i am in jozi waiting for you to win the money..then i will escort you to safely take the plane home less the zulus and malawianns take it from you

  19. Jeff, bru, dont fuck dem gals, the yaint cute..just keep your eyes tight on the money then the moment you are out of the house, i can take you to Hawaii, where we can have the Latina ballittos that you love to death

  20. what’s Kwaku Ghana. U are really keeping the game real. Bring the money home hommie

  21. hi friends,
    this is good stuff, keep it up.

  22. babe Maurine you are hot you can play your cards well wish you the best.enjoy your self.lerato should be evicted.jeff should go and bertha

  23. code bring da money home

  24. Mambo vipi mwana kwetu,sisi huku nyumbani tunakutakia kila la kheri ndani ya jumba hilo.Ludi na mihela hiyo nyumbani.sala zetu ni juu yako Respect ndio silaha,

  25. well 4 mi am so down wit my countyr gal.n she gonna bring d money home. watch d space ………. namatovu we adore u….

  26. Hey there cant u see Maureen has got all it takes to take d money code stay away from our gal let her concertrate uganda oyeeeeeeeeeee

  27. lets all nigerians support ofunneka as her dryness is her style

  28. maureen, u rock….. kip it up

  29. All eyes on d ugandan gal in da house she i s so hot

  30. Biro yie, man play it cool n you will come Home loaded! Pliz nicall ukicome 0722932974

  31. ofunneka,u are d real african girl,lerato is only fooling arround wit her disgusting tommy,merly is a bad example 4 african youths,smoker.maureen u are an angel,kitana u are real,bather,u rock.max get out,justice,keep firm wit ur policies,code keep following fools,richy u are cool kwaku be real jef go 2 d ring wit ur mussles.BIGGY,u are d man. All dsame,i love u all 4 making africans unite.Mayowa from lagos.

  32. Jeff is fake let him go home instead of Justice.

  33. Hey maureen,thanx for what you are. for you really potray what Ugandans are please keep it up we are on your side lady M


  35. Code, You rock de house and bring’i the money home! All Malawians are behind you even a neighbour ndi a neighbour from Sister Countries support u.

  36. Robza, I so loved the black ground! What happened?

  37. of all the housemates,my naija babe is the one that has the capability and the neccessary acumen to win the bba2.she got the guts,the hue and all it takes to win.this can be seen from the way she carries the other housemates along,assumption of leadership role and the desired altitude.GO ON GIRL….YOU GOIN BE THE WINNER! GUD LUCK OFUNNEKA..

  38. Go go go Lerato i like your attitude you are living your life to the fullest. You make every moment of your life worth living for you u choose 2 be in a good mood all da tym and you are honest . I admire you for appreciating life as it is . I wish you all the best in in winning the game.

  39. força miuda tamos todos a torcer por ti bjo gande

  40. hi jaffi God great i’ll pray for you come with the money.

  41. this isall in a few words. “entertaining in a primal way.” nice.

  42. I liked Maxwell at first but now i changed my mind after he was nominated for posibble eviction this comin sunday-the way he reacted shows he’s arrogant.

  43. mambo vipi mtu wetu…
    wabongo wote tupo nyuma yako mzee richard hutoki humo ndani mpaka kieleweke mihela yote utoke nayo

  44. Send Kwaku Home coz he’s doing nothing

  45. Kwaku and richard should find there way home coz they look like rugees in a cump.Smith Leo from Uganda …Vienna College

  46. Why can’t Bather wash that bushy hair which look like atropical forest ? Other wise Maureen is doing well Maureen thank u very much Keep it up Money is yours……smith Leonard Ug

  47. People do u realise that Richard looks like Acone man especially those cone men in Tz…I ssugest that he should leave immediately most probably tommorroww before he cones house mates ..Leonard Smith …Uganda


  49. hi ofuneka is d girl for the money

  50. hi ofuneka, keep it up, go 4 the money

  51. ofunekea nigerians are proud of u, go ahead and get the gold


  53. HI

  54. tugn qa po bani ma te mirt jeni ju dua shume hej vallahi e kam ni femen te fort a e ka emrin teut e dua shume shume shume shume edeh adini qka ma e forta ne drenas eshte
    ju dua te gjithvvee sidomos teuten

  55. hi te gjitheve une jam ajkuna ajo e star akademise dhe qe mora pjese tek top fest cfare keni bere ju??? ju perqafoj te gjitheve

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