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What wouldn’t you do in the BBA house?

Here’s an online Ugandan article, from the Sunday Monitor:


The Big Brother Africa second edition returns to the screens today and it will run for 98 days until November 11. The Multi-choice public relations officer, Ms Helena Mayanja said the Big Brother House 2 would be a free environment for all the 12 housemates from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. She said housemates would be free to live their routine lifestyle and do whatever they want to do and the only unacceptable thing is violence. However, looking back at what happened in the previous house in 2003, we decided to ask a number of people what particular things they wouldn’t do if they went for Big Brother.

What wouldn’t you do in the Big Brother House?

Sulaiman Kiggundu
I watched the previous Big Brother but please excuse me from answering that question because I wouldn’t want my answer to affect the show.
They are also looking for survival and I don’t want to interfere, please excuse me.

Helena Mayanja

No, no, I think I’m the wrong person to answer such a question. You know that I’m the PRO of Multi-choice and we are the people bringing you the Big Brother so I don’t think I can give you a good answer. But of course I wouldn’t have sex on a live TV show.

RS Elvis
Anything I wouldn’t want the public to see me doing, I wouldn’t do it in Big Brother house. The public has never seen me do these things so why should I shock them? And I would bathe but I wouldn’t allow people to see me brushing my teeth.

Ms Naava Nabagesera
Of course I wouldn’t have sex in the Big Brother house. I was a very big fan of Big Brother in 2003 until those funny sex things came in. I was discouraged because I used to watch with the children. Shows like Big Brother should be preaching good morals because the people in the house are seen as role models. You can be friendly and intimate but without going overboard like what happened in the previous house. If I went, I would be so friendly and I would hug anybody. And I don’t think I would bathe naked.

Uncle Mich
I wouldn’t walk around in cheap underwear so before going for Big Brother, I would shop for only expensive boxers to show others that Ugandans have class. I also wouldn’t sleep in the same room with guys who come from countries where they mix a lot of rare foods. You know, at night, those people become dangerous.
And since I’m married I would keep away from all girls but if I was not married, then I would only avoid girls from East Africa because it’s easier to play around with a girl from a foreign land than one who is in the neighbourhood. And I wouldn’t shower naked. I would use the “super soap technique” where you rub soap on your body to form lather. I would make sure the lather envelops my ‘global fund’ and nobody can see it.
I also wouldn’t ask a girl to kiss me, you know while I was at Namilyango they taught us to make them look for us. And I wouldn’t kiss the girl first but if she looks for me, maybe we can discuss.

Aisha Alibhai
I cannot bathe in public and so I wouldn’t bathe naked in the Big Brother house. I remember one contestant who was bathing while his grand mother was watching and the poor lady had to abandon the TV show in shock after seeing her grandson’s things swing on TV. And I also wouldn’t make love in the Big Brother house because it’s not accepted in our culture to showcase such acts.

Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire
Big Brother? I used to look at them occasionally but it’s my housewife who watched them a lot. But don’t ask me such a question at my age because first of all I wouldn’t go for Big Brother (laughs). I have children (laughs). And I have a lot of things to do.

Isaac Mulindwa
I wouldn’t sleep with somebody in the Big Brother house. But I wouldn’t even go for Big Brother because I’m one person who enjoys my privacy and I can’t see myself starting to do my secret things in public.

Miss Uganda Monica Kansiime
Of course I don’t think I would make love in the Big Brother house when I know very well that the whole world is watching. That is something private. Actually, it was very unfair to broadcast his (Gaetano’s) love affair with Abby.
But apart from making love, I would do anything else no matter what. And I would kiss if I must.

Frank Gashumba
I’m not mad to go for Big Brother. I cannot bathe naked on TV to expose my weapon of mass destruction. Everything you do in the Big Brother house is shown to the public and you have no privacy. I hate the limelight because I have seen what it brings ever since I started looking after Aisha Nabukeera.
People seek to know how you walk, talk, eat, and sleep…

John Segawa
I wouldn’t bathe naked in the Big Brother house. And I wouldn’t sleep with a woman because in our culture (Buganda) those are things that are done away from the public eye. I would kiss but if I must bathe then I would do it with my pants on.

Barbara Yata
I wouldn’t have sex in the Big Brother house. I’m an African child. Africans are conservative; we don’t have to go through the crazy monkey dance in public. And I wouldn’t drink too much to avoid puking on TV. I saw some contestants puke in public in the previous Big Brother and that was unpleasant. Shower hour was my best part in the previous Big Brother but I’m not sure about myself bathing naked on TV.

Halima Namakula
I wouldn’t like to make love when everybody is watching so I would make sure I keep away from such temptations while in the Big Brother house.
If I’m really down for this guy and he is also pushing for it, I would ask him to wait and we get out of the house but you cannot do those things on a show that is also watched by children.
I have no problem with bathing naked as long as I’m shown only in silhouette. Bathing is not the only part of the Big Brother show but people must bathe daily and so you cannot run away from it, however, doing it naked on live TV is not okay. But my general view is that I would do all the other things because they are the ones that make the show interesting, except making love.

Mr Sebaana Kizito
Yes, I know Big Brother and I know whatever Gaetano did there but to begin with, I wouldn’t go for Big Brother. I would never. It’s immoral in everything. The activities done there are immoral. What would you do to make me go? I cannot. Therefore your question is irrelevant. Thank you.

Would you enter Big Brother? What wouldn’t you do?!

11 Responses to “What wouldn’t you do in the BBA house?”

  1. What a bunch of fcuking goody 2 shoe/ dogooders/wannabe Mary Poppins….
    If u can’t stand the show, don’t fcuking watch it.

  2. Has started the show yet?

  3. Yeah the show’s started.
    Why do they have to get the nutters from Kenya? There’s this Jeff guy who looks like he just ate up his folks. Big mofo. The other guys r cool.
    And what’s up with the angolan wink a minute chic?

  4. Please, can you tell us the info about the housemates when their identities are revealed? Because I don’t know where read the info in “live”.

  5. Please tell me what is going on! I am not able to view. I heard about people being voted out already! Does anyone know anything already?

  6. Tell u what several female housemates say they don’t have issues being Naked yay!!!

    Interesting mash up so far A big brute, An Alcoholic, a midget, a sex fiend, and a Soweto chick that looks pregnant. Phew!

    What more can i say….

  7. Who are the housemates? :):)

  8. We need information! Please keep in mind all the people from outside Africa that are practically dying for news! Tell me more. I need all the information I can get especially about the Malawian contestant.
    Thank you

  9. i see someone spoke about a brute, an alcoholic, a sex friend. please tell me who they are. i missed most of the show last night

  10. We africans are one, let us show our one ness. United for africa

  11. As for me i there is nothing wrong with big brother,its all about playing a game like any other and striving hard to see that you come out the winner.but the one thing i wouldn’t do is engaging myself with guys because once you do you just know your downfall has started.

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