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Big Brother Africa 2 viewing schedule


Every MONDAY night, starting 13 August, fans can tune in for the weekly NOMINATION SHOW. During this program, each of the housemates will nominate two of their fellow housemates for eviction. At the end of the nomination show, the two housemates with the most votes will face possible eviction. The public will then begin voting for which of the two nominated housemates they would like to see leave the Big Brother Africa house.

Central Africa – Live at 20:00 – 21:00 CAT
West Africa – Live at 19:00 – 20:00 WAT on M-Net
East Africa – Live at 21:00 – 22:00 EAT on M-Net
All DStv premium subscribers Africa – DStv channel 37 at 20:00 – 21:00 CAT


From Tuesday to Friday, starting 7 August, fans can tune in for a a re-cap of the previous day’s goings on in the Big Brother Africa II house.

All DStv subscribers (including SA) – Channel 37 at 20:00 – 20:30 CAT
West Africa – M-Net at 19:00 – 19:30 WAT
East Africa – M-Net at 21:00 – 21:30 EAT


Catch all the saucy talk, and other ‘adults-only’ highlights from the house. From Friday 17th August.

All DStv subscribers (including SA): After the premier movie


Every Saturday night, starting 11 August, audiences can tune in for the weekly HIGHLIGHTS SHOW. During this program viewers will be provided with an edited re-cap of all the Big Brother Africa II highlight moments from the previous week. Look out for all the unforgettable tasks, the unexpected revelations, the unchecked emotions and much more.

All DStv subscribers (including SA) – Channel 37 at 19:00 – 20:00 CAT
West Africa – M-Net at 18:00 – 19:00 WAT
East Africa – M-Net at 20:00 – 21:00 EAT


In the process of selecting a winner, audiences will vote every week to evict one housemate from the Big Brother Africa II house. The news of who is being evicted will be made every Sunday evening, starting from 19 August, during a live SUNDAY EVICTION show.

West Africa – M-Net at 18:00 – 19:00 WAT
East Africa – M-Net at 22:00 – 21:00 EAT
All DStv premium subscribers in Africa – DStv Channel 37 at 19:00 – 20:00 CAT

64 Responses to “Big Brother Africa 2 viewing schedule”

  1. aren’t there 30 minute highlight shows on tuesday to friday as well?

  2. Thanks. That has now been added. 🙂

  3. what is happening to the official website?
    it gives me problems. Am I the only one?
    Please respond!

  4. What about the uncut show?

  5. alright i have to register my concerns. i wish to bring to light that i do not think the mnet selection process for big brother is fair. let me point out that the first guy who represented malawi in the last big brother Zein Dudah had at one point worked for multichoice malawi. and now we have Code representing malawi. He was the guy who was the local anchor or wotever in malawi at the time of big brother africa one. he even came down to SA for the final thing. so wouldnt you say that the guy had unfair advantage. i mean if he was the commentator on the last show obviously he had to have had contact with the guys from mnet so how fair is that selection
    just letting you know wots up. cos if that is the way it is then they really should not bother with making people go through the farce of selection.
    if in doubt ask around and you will see that all i say is nothing but the truth

  6. I understand your concern Alice. I wish the bigbrother show was more representative of a truly local literate people and not people who are already in the industry, such as actors, musians, radio announcers and even tevelevion show hosts. I wish the rules for picking out housemates were strick on this matter. Let’s all face it both and actor and musians would not present the truthful pictures of their countries. the world is not fair, that’s all it is and I wish Malawi would have been presented by a local from other districts other than the big cities like BT or LL.

  7. A comment to all: You are stuck with the people in the house. I suggest you to be supportive of them and maybe a little patriotic. Thank you. I don’t linke people complaining about things that you really can not do anything about anymore anywayz.

  8. It sounds great,

  9. well, where can i catch the news if i do miss part of the show?

  10. At least for us in Uganda, most of us are happy with our representative Maureen.We shall support her.

  11. You go guys you rock Gabu Gabu like mad dogs.

  12. u guyz r cool much props 2 CODE……………………………………………… MAN UR HAPENNIN

  13. 1 luv 2 code all da best man……………………………………………………………………………..

  14. max keep it up ma zambia is bhind you. no acting, no pretending and god bless you.

  15. I’m a man of 20yrs from Nigeria

  16. hi bb u rock, lerato nd meryl u both rock, justice pls be a man ok,richard ur cute , kwaku that kiss was hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

  17. i love this show but justice has got 2 be a man . meryl u rock

  18. I think bertha’s cool and i like her voice, Ofuneka’s is inteligent but boring for my liking, Lerato is so loud-mouthed and wants everyone to suck up to her but then she would make a great presenter if she wld lose that stomach. Code is real talented and has a good sense of humor, merly’s simply dumb and a shame to womanhood, justin very petty, Max i think has good self control but don’t know for how long he can aviod lerato, tatiana’s sweet and kwewu…hmmm can’t help but notice the ab’s. smiles

  19. My Vote is for Bostwana.

  20. our namibian lady , meryl is doing fine in the house . it’s beauty with brain , in the real sense of the word. all she needs now is a proper one-night of proper passion with kwaku , then the money is hers.

  21. So far so good big brother. Code is the man of the moment & Tatoana the wify. keep it popin! Meryl, u’re cool.

  22. So far so good big brother. Code is the man of the moment & Tatoana the wify. keep it popin! Meryl, u’re cool girl.

  23. ofunika decency is important cos ther is life after bba.meryl i think ure young and smart,but if justice stays it trouble for u,bertha is a snake she will manipulate kwaku.

  24. hello. just wanted to know if we can catch the show online. if yes, where?

  25. Maureen, ugandan girls dont behave the way your doing.stop it or else your out. you have a future to leave with or with out big brother, remember you will be the talk of the town when your back.

  26. Code, pls leave maureen alone. Maureen remember HIV education back home. waht your doing is putting your life at risk. Besides , how does your boy freind back home feel?

  27. I really love this show but can I vote online?if yes, where?

  28. Wow!!I rily hate Maureen shes rily……Ugly

  29. Maureen start showing them your strokes! U will hook many than Code alone. participate in discussions the more pliz.

  30. Richard you are ma! pliz try another technique hanging with out with that Angolan gal will not help U much!

  31. I dont support the Idea of The house head replacing a nominee with another. let us be fair and use only those housemates that are voted by fellow housemates, the game will be more democratic.

    Othewise so far so good but jeff should go.

  32. mour ur war

  33. we love you MOREEN go ahead but stop messing up your life with CODE.”LIFE IS PRECIUOS GUARD IT WELL” Think twice girl

  34. Hmm -i wonder if Kweku is real? I think he’s good looking though

  35. hi, big brother, i will miss meryl she bring happiness to the house she was my lady, i love the show keep it up.

  36. Hey Big Broda, i Have a question 4 Lerato, Why is it taht the South africans cant stay without sex, Last big Broda africa it was the same thing, the other South African Was Dating the other Guy. I guess tahts why aids is so Common In South Africa. Its bad of Them.

  37. Hi big brother, be fair to the house mates, allow them some bit of privacy

  38. Big bro, need clarification. is nomination and final eviction left to viewers and house mates or you also give credit depending on your observation before a house mate is evicted? pliz adise.

  39. word puzzle or puzzle map task for the house mate.

  40. Maureen just come back to ug, u are too much of a bore in the house and u just make me sick.

  41. i love the show! keep it up Big Bro. I feel sad cus Richaian will be going come sunday. Or is Kweku?

  42. see what our Africans are doing in this reality show, but if you ask them to pose nude they will tell never no matter the amount.

    i will advice that for morality which is our heritage as Africans that big brother show please remove the camera from the show room .umaru.

  43. its all gud and ma favourite is kweku t most definetely

  44. just cant wait to see morrine getting out of the house she is too much of a bore

  45. richard and tatiana should remail in the house, other wise big brother will become a bore also.

  46. This year the housemates are boring compared to BBA1. Is it not possible to call them back to the house there were really entertainning us till to tha end.

  47. hi big broda , i love this show and would like to use this medium to advise maureen to stop leting down the women fold by always beging code to love her ?code respect that gal maureen cos she just not geting true care from u ,stop insulting her .

  48. Code is the man to survive to the end and win the Big Brother Africa Show prize. He is talented and full of apirations

  49. Maureen keep it up

  50. Biggie, why is there division in the house . House mates should be tought to focus on issues that will help AFRICA,instead of bickering

  51. maureeen is boring in the house

  52. Richard’s young brother is so cute just hope he is also romantic , please big brother tell rechard to hook me up with his brother, i,m serious!

  53. Richard I wanna chat wit u!

  54. hi Richard,Ofunneka and Tatiana, ope u r having fun. tattie and richard just style up.

  55. ofunneka,wish u luck,go get d money home back 2niga,tatiana bcareful,richard will dump u immediately after BBA2…..buchoguy 4rm niga

  56. i want to know how may i vote in big brother africa 2 because i am very interested to my fan to win in this season

  57. i have already sent some message that i wanted to vote to my fan

  58. big brother z cool wish to join sometime

  59. its cool

  60. can u help me i want 2 pass my comments on BBA channel that i can see on screen what can i do?

  61. Hi, am in South Africa, I wanna watch the evictions live on stage, where do I buy the ticket and where is the performance.

  62. hot ethiopian girls…

    […]Big Brother Africa 2 viewing schedule « BBAII : The Ultimate Fan Weblog[…]…

  63. hi, i realy love this show,, and i will love to enter the big broda house, how i love to be one of the inmates, nice one guys

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