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My housemate impressions

By the time Justice, the Botswana house mate had entered the BBA house last night, the alcohol had already been flowing freely. This lead to the somewhat sarcastic yet playful exclamation by him to the other housemates that had entered before him – “You guys are drunk ALREADY!” or something to that effect… It seems that from the moment the doors closed behind them, the house mates had their minds set on making the most out of their BB experience.

And that’s when the name calling began. Poor Justice, being vertically challenged and all (he… he….) has acquired the name of Leppy (short for Leprechaun) by the shit-stirring Lerato aka Bitch-of-the-house aka Warona (BBA1 Botswana housemate) impersonator… See the connection somewhere in there?! I’ve noticed Justice has kept well into his shell – perhaps from all the labeling and references being made to leprechauns and midgets? It’s damaging his ego. Has anyone else noticed how many cuss words come out of Lerato’s mouth in one conversation alone – esp. the *F* word? She’s definitely taken up the role of the resident bitch with her apprentice, Meryl, not far behind. This girl just tries too hard, in my opinion. She’s become buddy-buddy with Lerato and has attached herself to her like a leech… Her laugh is hard to ignore! Don’t get me started! It starts off so loud and immediately cuts off, as she continues with whatever she was doing or saying. A little fake if you ask me. The girl has potential but she needs to stop being a kiss ass.

I had high hopes that Tatiana would spice this show up with her flirtatious nature, seeing that she said she would do whatever it takes in the house… But when in the house, it seems as if she’s holding back…. Probably still sussing out the competition – and it seems like Lerato’s gonna be the one to give her sh*t! She danced a bit and got talking to Kwaku and they seemed to hit it off… She also seems to have a soft spot for the resident midget – Justice. Or she just feels sorry for him?

Richard aka Mwisho-looky-likey is so damn quiet…. Not a peep. Straight to the room to mope and ask himself what the hell he got himself into… With the ladies in the house (or rather WOMEN – Lerato and Meryl), he probably feels he isn’t safe at all… And I don’t blame him.

Is it just me or does the Kenyan dude aka Bayo-looky-likey look a little slow on the uptake? He’s so delayed in his actions as he takes for ever to react either when called or asked to do something… 😦 Has leadership skills and all and maybe a bit complacent for a show like BBA. A definite favourite for eviction soon. I predict perhaps second or third.

Kwaku, and and the Malawian guy aka “Lion Man” who drinks a helluva lot (always a beer in hand! :-o) seems to have hit things off. They’ve become good buddies. Kwaku has the potential to win this thing. A very balanced character but also fun and willing to go that extra mile for entertainment’s sake. Code is also a fun personality, but is kind of like the evil part of the duo. And looks the type to be a bad influence in the long run and eventually the downfall to Kwaku…

I love Bertha! Great girl. Great voice. Great fun. Great everything. She has the TTP. If anyone’s seen and remembers Project Fame contestant, Kudazai, also from Zim, the resemblance between them is shocking! Maxwell, Zambia’s export, and buddy to Justice tends to overdo things. Last night he drank a bit too much alcohol and today had to pay the price. Apparently, he claims he’s not feeling well… Yip, it’s what you call A HANG OVER! Ease up already, it’s only day 0!

I haven’t seen much of Maureen and Ofunneka to make any judgments yet. Give me time. They are a little reserved, probably still taking in their surroundings and getting used to their new environment…

With a melting pot of various personalties, BBA2 is sure to be the hottest show this year!

What do you think of the housemates? What are your impressions of them?

Let me know.

9 Responses to “My housemate impressions”

  1. I am a Kenyan and i have this to say, vote the Kenyan OUT. He is an embarrassment. How did he get there?
    Dear Africans, he does not represent Kenya in any way, we are way much cooler and handsome.

  2. I have noted something about him. He’s kept in the kitchen most of his time, you realised that too?

  3. u no wat code ur hot w r there 4 u kip it burning ur representin us gud luck.

  4. wazup
    code u better make it live and show them the real u and the true funny of malawi.take it nice and slow.
    malawians are all there for u.
    gud luck.

  5. wazp code ur the hottest dude ever n lyk ur style ur gorgous, massive n show them ur talents hw gud ur voice is ur fly

  6. i am a namibian, so is meryl & i would obviously love it if she wins the money and please dont judge the namibians because of what meryl is doing keep meryl in the house if u want real action .

    100% southern african supporter

  7. Hi,im just dont get the reasoning of how people are judging justice with regards to his height.
    .i myself im a short guy bt with a great personality.i often face similar sentiments.What does height gotta do with winning $100,000?
    Kp ur head up justice ur doing us proud.

  8. hey,
    well i was not impressed at all by the way Meryl behaved towards Justice. i may understand that Justice is quite argumentative but i support him on the ground he stands. i feel sometimes some people take others for granted on grounds that they will be forgiven when they ask for forgiveness. and any way the way meryl apologised did not show that she was sorry for what she had done.

    wat is really annoying is the way people are defending her in her own wrong making her right and even more righteous than all the angels in heaven. i actually feel BB should purnish Meryl and even get more serious about the bad language that has become the order of the day in the house.certain things may look classic but well those words commonly used by Lerato and Meryl can never be our culture. Never

    on another ground i completely dont like the way Meryl and Lerato behave in the house. i actually feel pity for the countries they represent and the families. coz i feel the image they have painted is very tinted and with alot of dents. they are a great shame for our mother Africa.

    As for the Nigerian girl, well she is a true picture of beauty comes from the inside theory. please keep it up and all Nigerians should give her all thier support just like i am up for Justice this week.
    well i love the show and keep it up BBA

    lastly i would like to ask Big Brother to provide medication or to let the Nigerian girl see a doctor coz that cough thats not going away worries me some how. could be she really needs to see a doctor.

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