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I need your help!

Since I started this blog, 10 days ago, I never ever imagined it would be this huge. As I type this, the blog is headed for 13 000 hits, which is fairly impressive. Being one of the only readily available Big Brother Africa II sources before the show and official website had launched, BBAII : TUFW, has brought some exclusive images, articles and original opinions to the people who matter – the BBA fans all over the world! With a mere, 400 – 600 approx hits a day and few comments from the blog’s regular readers, the blog was easy to maintain and update regularly. But now, after the show launch, the number of visitors to the site has sky rocketed and I’m finding it somewhat difficult to deliver on a daily basis. I’ve also just started university and juggling the two has become a problem. So this is my plea to everyone who has visited the site and has enjoyed what I’ve done for help. It would be helpful if some readers had the time to send me a few BB articles that they’ve written that include their own opinions to post on the blog or some suggestions of possible topics that relate to the current goings-on in the BBA house. Also, any exclusive info you get, would be appreciated here. ANYTHING would help. This blog has the opportunity to become a massive success and with your help, that goal could easily be reached…

Please do not hesitate to contact me on :

Thanks in advance. 🙂

7 Responses to “I need your help!”

  1. OMG I’d love to help! From your fan allll the way in South Carolina, USA

  2. Thank you so much!!!!! It means a lot!!!!! 🙂

  3. WI will sure help with my contributions. But can we know your full names and where you reside.

  4. I will sure help with my contributions. But can we know your full names and where you reside.

  5. Padipa, my name is Robin-Lee January. I live in Gaborone, Botswana… :-

  6. Ok nice to hear that. Hope we will also be getting daily updates from you.More so, try and co-opt some interested guys into been co-moderators with you. Just a suggestion.Anyway,enough said,expect contributions unlimited from next week when i must have fully digested the show.
    Padipa (Naija)

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