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Lerato : Playing the game?

Lerato is hard to predict. One moment she is all over Kwaku and Jeff, and next, she shifts attention to Code. She is employing her tactics very well. She has managed to gain attention of three members of the House, and who knows very soon her popularity could save her skin from evictions, and eventually make her smile all the way to the bank.

Code, who seems to be falling for Lerato’s spell needs to do a sound check before he ends up with a broken heart! Theres great intrigue in the House already. And looking at the way these events are unfolding, it seems Lerato is up for grabs or will she end up being the one with an egg on her face?

7 Responses to “Lerato : Playing the game?”

  1. Is available the “Launch” already? 🙂

  2. gosh, u r paying attention! at this rate me may have to take up watching BBAII seriously. have got to be on first name basis with biggie! LOL

  3. i liked last night’s topic about AIDS and guys tackled it very well. It highlighted that SADC is doing something about HIV/AIDS despite international assumptions and unporven stats. Keep it up guys.

  4. i think she’s bitchy……….

  5. u are playing it cool code,iam from zambia.keep it that way

  6. Personally as a south african i don’t think Lerato is representing us!! too vulgar, too loud, and half of the time makes no sense! couldn’t have “they” picked a better candidate???

  7. I think i would like to agree with Itumeleng i just don’t see Lerato representing SA. I think she acts very Bitchy and she is empty in the brain. I am sure SA would have done better thatn her.i can only hope that she will not be hurt by the time she leaves the show. She is playing a very !

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