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No meat, jewellery, or smoking?!

What’s up with that?! No, honestly, why is BB doing that? Why all of a sudden do they feel that in the house “everyone is equal” or some BS like that and then inform house mates that smoking, meat and jewelery is prohibited during the course of the show. Is this some lame attempt at adding a “twist” to the show?

But then again, why would house mates need jewellery in the house?! Not like they’re going anywhere! He… he… We see ’em in the morning looking all uglied up and stuff, so there’s no need to fancy themselves up for the cameras anyway. Makeup could also go. I believe Big Bro producers have just realised that they’ve kinda overshot the budget a little and now have to cut costs, so what do they decide?! Prohibit meat in the house… Honestly, we live in freaking AFRICA. We lurve our meat! Lame, Biggie, lame… or is it?!

Only two house mates – the bad girls – Lerato and Meryl smoke in the house so banning smoking doesn’t affect the majority of the house much. However, this is gonna affect these two house mates amazingly. With the strong characters they have, they’d be snapping at every one left right and center when their lungs try to adapt to not being so full of smoke all the time, but failing miserably… They are bound to cause loads of drama without their trusty ciggie packs… 😛

That brings me to the conclusion that Big Brother wants to cause drama early this year. He wants people’s nasty sides to surface ASAP and hope that would rate as great reality TV… Oh, Biggie, up to your old tricks I see… And I must admit, that’s why I missed ya! 🙂

7 Responses to “No meat, jewellery, or smoking?!”

  1. first we had a white namibian and now a south african namibian, what next??????

  2. No Smoking, Dah! I thot this was over the top from Biggie. This is a reality show and everything real has to be allowed. Of cos, Biggie may b playin to the anti smoking lobbists but he cd hv made provision for a smoking rm. So wats nxt 4 BBA3, No drinking cos under 18s r watchn? No shower hour cos the moralists r ranting? and wats the rationale for banning meat? This trend is dangerous. We need a gd show, biggie, and smoking, drinking, sex, shower hour r al part of the package

  3. tell me about no meat and no jewellery and no smoking.

  4. The program should be improved upon

  5. Hi Usino. What exactly do u think should be done to improve the show? What do u feel there is to improve?

  6. Great that smoking is banned in the BBA house. Secondhand smoke kills.

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