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Fake Nominations

Last night, Big Brother had another surprise in store for the housemates when he announced that they would be nominating their fellow housemates. Each housemate had to nominate 2 of the other housemates and provide reasons for the selection. But alas, they were only trial nominations. Here’s who fake nominated who and why:


  • Meryl – “She’s overdoing the whole seduction, sexual thing…. it’s a bit tired now.”
  • Justice – “Very sensitive… don’t know if he can handle the pressure down the line.”


  • Offuneka – “Most distant out of all females.”
  • Justice – “Very sensitive… I don’t expect a guy to be sensitive towards anything and everything.”


  • Lerato – “She’s a strong character. She’s fun. She looks like a nice person.”
  • Maxwell – “He knows what he’s doing.”


  • Meryl – “Not exhibiting what a real woman is supposed to… a little on sarcastic language and nudity which I find to be uncomfortable.”
  • Jeff – “Not opening up… a man should lead a house like a man… but not always in the kitchen… too locked to himself.”


    • Meryl – “She needs to smoke a cigarette.”
    • Bertha – “Got off on the wrong footing… haven’t really talked… gotten to know each other… a kind of resistance. She doesn’t wanna know me.”


    • Justice – “Him having a problem with adaptation…”
    • Maxwell – “Housemates complained about him keeping them awake with a drum… making noise till wee hours of morning.”


    • Lerato – “Comes across rude sometimes… intimidating… calling Justice names.”
    • Offuneka – “Haven’t felt her… Always in the kitchen… she’s still hiding… she’s not exploading. She’s not showing who she really is.”


    • Maureen – “Mad quiet… hasn’t jelled and mixed with me and everybody else.”
    • Offuneka – “She’s been mad quiet… not really mixing in with everybody.”


    • Lerato & Meryl – “Bit too shallow in their conversations. They need to discuss better thingsapart from immoral topics… boobs and whatever… things that can help people as opposed to just swearing…”


    • Richard – “Has been somewhat reclusive to himself… only beginning to open up.”
    • Justice – “He’s having a hard time integrating – fitting in.”


    • Lerato – “There’s something not right… a little bit of discomfort” [between the two of them].
    • Kweku – “I can’t seem to get his name right… no any other reason.”


    • Justin?! – “He’s not himself at this point in time.”
    • Maureen – “She seems to be the weakest link.”

    So there you have it. If there was an eviction this Sunday, then Lerato [4 noms], Justice [5 noms], Meryl [4 noms] would have been up. For Tatiana, Code and Kwaku, the session proved successful as no one nominated them.

    Interesting. Let’s see how this all changes over the week.

    17 Responses to “Fake Nominations”

    1. lol Tatiana seemed to not understand that you need to nominate the people you DONT like

    2. Lerato is over acting iwould also norminate her out of the house .she does not let other people breathe,as for Code he is so proud and makes others feel inferior just like Lerato does.

    3. the most noisy people who have no repect for others must be nominated fast!

    4. Exactly my thots Zane. She missed da whole point Duh!

    5. Yep, Tatiana’s gotten it wrong. It’s great to note Maureen is still among the favourites.

    6. Rwamiti, i hope you have read this!


    8. Thanks Padipa. That has been corrected.

    9. mryl was urpose to go home coz she is the only inmature housemate,her speechs are ever senseless. ofuneka….uuh uuh uuh….that girl is lovely but crazy

    10. I hope Titiana did know why she has to nominate others. But if it was me I could nominate Ofuneka,she think she is mature enough and she very boring. The next person to me could be Justice or Maureen.

    11. I hope Titiana didn’t know why she has to nominate others. But if it was me I could nominate Ofuneka,she think she is mature enough while she is not and she is very boring. The next person to me could be Justice or Maureen.
      If it has come to Code ,Kwaku and Titiana they must be in de casa caz they cool so far.

    12. Is there online version for us who lives in Britain. I love Big Brother and never watch the African Big Brother.

      Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. I personally would vote lerato and meryl too much arrogance!!!

    14. meryl and lerato should leave…someone please explain to tatiana abt wat nominations are all about…. maureen..i still think u should stay in the house longest

    15. Fake nominations yeah, the save Meryl did yesterday was not called for, as Jeff was not formally nominated but Meryl went into the diary and nominated him to save Bertha that isnt fair on Biggie to av announced nominations and later call Meryl to save somebody

    16. hey u ppl r stupid, by tati nominatin lerato becoz she is fun etc, n max coz he knows wat he is doin. Meaning dat they r strong competition, lyk duh! Even a 2 year old can figure dat out. Not becoz she doesnt know wat she is doin.

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