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Richard’s true colours

Anyone watch his Diary Room session today? Things got quite heated between him and Biggie. I must admit I didn’t watch the show this morning or afternoon, but I was aware that earlier Richard had picked up the phone when it rang and was instructed by Big Brother to instigate a paint war of sorts during their paint task. Now, I don’t what exactly went down, but by the looks of the housemates faces, it seems like the war did take place.

I found Richard slumped in the Diary room chair (which I hate by the way. The cushions are so distracting in the background) complaining or something about disobeying Big Brother rather than his housemates. And that Big Brother is human too… ??? … Dunno what he was on about. Seems like the boy’s got balls after all! Good to see he’s emerging from his shell and the person we got to know through his launch show profile has finally arrived! Or is he? He does however come across as a bit uptight…

I remember mention of a reward he was supposed to get for following BB’s instructions, such as secretly launching the attack. He, however, told all the housemates about it. How dumb can one be? So he decided to have a go at Big Brother for his own stupidity.

Richard was so rude to Big Brother that at any moment I was expecting Biggie to reprimand him on the spot and send him to a punishment room or something (a hidden room yet to be unveiled…) but Big Brother whimpered and accepted Richard’s behaviour. I’ve got no respect for Biggie anymore or shall I say… Smallie?!

2 days in and things are getting heated… Let the good times roll.

Know more about the incident?

Fill me in. Drop me some juicy goss…

7 Responses to “Richard’s true colours”

  1. all i know is the girls got paint in their hair and they ruined tatiana’s lovely do *insert angry emoticon*. but it musta been fun.

  2. Biggie should learn how to put his foot down and bite as much s he bites lest he lose respect infront of da housemates. One!

  3. u can watch the paint fight vid here: javascript:ShowVideo(‘includes/frameVideo.asp?id=45&catID=0’)

  4. Youngman i am ur Fan u rock the show my Bra i like u couz u resemble like me my bro.cheers am behind u shoulder my African Bro.

  5. Youngman richie am ur Fan u rock the show my Bra,and i like u couz u resemble like me my bro.cheers am behind u shoulder my African Bro.

  6. Did not watch that part but from what i have heard, i think the guy is rude and he is not in the position to do as biggy says. When will biggy send him to the sin-bin? I really wan to see him there

  7. i guess u are enjoyiny man.i wish u good lucky

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