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Coming soon : Big Brother Uncut!

I’ve had many requests for some vids or pics from the infamous ‘Shower Hour’ but I’ve yet to deliver. And believe me, you gonna like it. Find clearer images, than the official website provides, of your favourite housemates in all their naked glory here… He he… 😛 and maybe I’ll throw in a video or two. But that’ll only be tomorrow. So, you just gonna have to wait…

Oh yeah, and I must say, BBA2 seems to have way more nudity in 2 days than BBA1 did in a week! 🙂 However, I still have to get used to the new camera angle in the shower. BUT, I have a feeling that the Friday night ‘uncut’ show is gonna have the cameras directly in the shower showing us the housemates CLOSE UP!

3 Responses to “Coming soon : Big Brother Uncut!”

  1. Rob, You’re the Macaroni with the Cheese. Can’t wait.

  2. Man, Just waiting. Hope its hotteeeer!
    Chao Rob.

  3. You are a star

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