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Richard gets a second chance

Can you believe that he was given the chance to get another reward if he carried out a new secret mission from Big Brother?!

During his diary session today, he was given the task of placing a toy hamburger on one of the giraffes without being caught by any of the housemates during their night patrol.

WHAT?! Why is Biggie going soft!? We want action! Send him to the Sin Bin now cos it seems like we never gonna get to see it with the way you’re carrying on and being so lenient. This year’s Big Brother has become a Big Doormat that’s getting walked all over… *sigh* 😦

3 Responses to “Richard gets a second chance”

  1. First Mwisho now Richard..TZ housemates are making it a habbit of belittling Biggie, who in a sick and twisted way, somehow LOVES it!!!!!

  2. keep it rolling,its the way it supposed to be

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