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Maureen bares her soul

Just as the vibe was getting funky, Jeff decided that the Housemates needed to get serious and instigated a debate about rape in Africa. Meryl asked the question whether people thought it was wrong for a woman to carry around condoms and most of the female Housemates agreed that they carry them more out of fear of being raped than out of desire for sex.The conversation then moved on to the definition of rape, with Code stating clearly that ”no means no.” Lerato agreed that any situation where the woman says ”no” is rape, and people who say ”no” when they mean ”yes” are crying wolf.

Bertha played the devil”s advocate, arguing that some men are wrongfully accused of rape precisely because of that situation. Max put his foot in it by saying that certain women set themselves up for rape, displaying the common misconception that rape has anything to do with the victim’s behaviour.

Maureen, who seemed withdrawn when the debate started, offered the advice that, in the event of a rape, the victim should continue to struggle throughout to avoid any suspicion that she may have been complicit. She also advised women to avoid dangerous situations, or ”occasions” as she called them.

Max tried to claim that rape was the result of people moving away from traditional culture, but Kwaku and Bertha contradicted him. Bertha told him that most rape victims are too afraid to report rape, so it is impossible to compare statistics from previous decades.

Max then decided that the Housemates should come up with some steps to help people avoid being raped. The number one issue for Code was making sure that women know that it is their right to report rape.

After Code, Maureen spoke up again. She warned the others that she might breakdown, before revealing that she had had been sexual attacked by one of her teachers when she was in high school.

She was overcome by emotion and was unable to finish her story. Max, Code and Lerato escorted her to the bedroom where they were able to calm her down. Maureen admitted that she had not even revealed to her mother what had happened and she continued to cry on Lerato’s shoulder while the men played music to cheer her up.

The combination of emotional support and music seemed to work, and Maureen quickly recovered her composure. She told the others that she just needed to cry sometimes, but that she was tough and would be okay in the end.

5 Responses to “Maureen bares her soul”

  1. hi. iam sorry 4 wat happened to maureen its the worst thing that could happen to a woman….i feel 4 u.the step u’ve taken is good…sharing helps alot and its healthy dear.take heart

  2. ifetu tikudikilazakupsa from u we no ur better than that kaladi make us proud we no u wil we luv n tek care n play it cul

  3. Maureens display raked of make believe, she was simply putting up a show to appear relevant(u know what i mean) its funny she has never disclosed her story to anyone before now and suddenly decided to share it with millions viewers… Its all part of the game though, so no misgivings.

  4. I think Maureen wasnt putting up a show, i live in Uganda and alot of women irrespective of the status have been raped and keep quiet about it. To me, this is something that i think is not only happening in one country but many other African countries.
    Maureen thanks for opening one of those doors women are afraid to open and let the rest of the community know that rape is real, and happeningto alot of women who choose to keep quiet

  5. i’d like to thank the 3 housemates as that only showed that they care which is really cool 2 maureen it’s always better to ccry it all out as that is the best remedy take care
    love namibia

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