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Big Brother finally reprimands Richard… and on his birthday!

Richard was called into the Diary Room and given a cake to celebrate his birthday. However, Big Brother was not in a celebratory mood. He took the opportunity to chastise Richard for failing to complete the missions he was given, and for insubordination.

Richard was given a final warning to change his attitude and was instructed to read parts of the rule book to the rest of the Housemates. He struggled a bit with the interpretation of some of the rules, but the others were quick to help him out.

Finally, Richard completed one of the tasks that Big Brother set for him. Perhaps Biggie should have taken a harder line from the beginning.


3 Responses to “Big Brother finally reprimands Richard… and on his birthday!”

  1. Hi
    We appreciate your time and determination of updating of what is happening in BIG BROTHER house. Just keep it up.
    Againe Sharon from Uganda
    EARTH University, Costa Rica.

  2. hey richard we beliave in you dont forget to bring home the bucks its all about the benjamins

  3. I have also not been happy with his attitude. I was wondering what Big was waiting for. Thanks for the action.

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