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Idols meets Big Brother… kinda

Idols’ judges Randall Abrahams and Mara Louw are going to wow Housemates, as celebrity judges, in tomorrow’s 90 second “Talent Moment.”

The event will showcase the Housemates’ individual unique talents to the continent, where they will be expected to sing, dance, cook, act or play air guitar or surprise viewers with something completely unexpected!

Will the fierce reality TV critics Randall and Mara shred the Housemates’ effort to pieces or they be bowled over with their performances?

Tomorrow Big Brother sets them a challenge with a twist, which starts in the morning. Don’t miss what promises to be an exciting event as Jeff, whose special talents are writing, soccer, reasoning, persistence and cooking competes against Lerato who claims she can put her whole fist in her mouth. Or will the judges love Tatiana whose special talent is to entertain and joke in front of people. Code is also likely to impress the judges with his song writing, acting and broadcasting skills. And, watch out for surprise winners like Kwaku who claims his special talent ”is being able to touch the people I come in contact with in an uncanny, lasting manner”. In the end, the benevolent Big Brother is going to reward Housemates with unique and up to scratch talents.

Make sure you watch channel 37 on Sunday to see how the Housemates prepare for their big moment. And also tune in to the Sunday night show at 19:00 on AfricaMagic, 102 on DStv, to see how Randall and Mara put them to the test.


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