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Is it for real?

Not even a week into the second season of Big Brother Africa and already ‘connections’ of the love-kind have been made among certain housemates. Maxwell and Lerato have seemed to spark a connection, as have Meryl and Kwaku.

But these somewhat hasty ‘relationships’ are to be doubted. Firstly, the environment these people are in is very stressful, and very “in-your-face”, so perhaps these two couples in particular found it ‘convenient’ to shack up seeing that they’re always in each other’s faces anyway or to relieve the stress factor. Or there’s always that thought that seeing that Big Brother is a game, these individuals are playing the people in the game – their competition standing in the way of snatching the $100.000.

In my opinion, Meryl and Lerato, went in with strategies that now seems like is going to backfire. Haven’t they learnt anything from Gaetano and Abby (BBA1), Irvin and Margaret (BBSA1), Steve and Laura (BBSA1) and the like?! Relationships in the house, whether fake or genuine, won’t get you to the money, trust me.

Lerato and Max even now refer to each other as “baby”, but it’s clear that their relationship isn’t serious at all, as the term is used very lightly and in a playful way. ‘I don”t think he is bold enough to say how he feels about me but I will ask him,” was what Lerato told Big Brother during one of her diary sessions. On another note, many of the housemates do, however, feel that Meryl and Kwaku genuinely like each other – Code being one. Their ‘bond’ in my eyes doesn’t seem too serious either, and this doubt, to an extent. Ofunneka has claimed that many of the bonds between the housemates are “superficial.”

There also seem to be other relationships forming in the house, according to the housemates. Code told Big brother that when he hurt his foot, Bertha was at hand to help him out and he felt something there. “I can definitely say that something is happening” while, Lerato believes that “Justice and Maureen get along well.”

We’ll have to wait and see how these relationships develop and if they really are “superficial”. Nominations are Monday 13 August, so we wait with baited breath to see how this shifts the dynamics in the house and how it affects these relationships. One housemate will be evicted come Friday 17th.


9 Responses to “Is it for real?”

  1. you are doing it all well man,keep it that way

  2. wassup max, i like your style koma dont drink too much (lol)

  3. iam really enjoying the show man especially in the shower(lol)

  4. dude ur fine n ur doin gud aneba ndi aneba and ur hot

  5. zambia shabe make ur funs proud.mutichonse nsoni.

  6. stay sweet and plz display the zambian morals we r behind u….

  7. hey man make us feel proud show us the real zambian child raise that flag higher and higher

  8. Maxwell cant deny yo cute but stop misbehaving pliz don’t u worry bout enbarrasing us and worse off yo parents get real mann.

  9. fake relationships!!!

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