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A whole lotta touchy-feely

The housemates have been in the house for almost a week, and with the weekend upon them, they had to celebrate in someway. But with no alcohol, no smokes and no meat – it wasn’t going to be a time to remember. However, Biggie surprised them by the giving them a ‘party pack’ comprising of meat, booze and ciggies. That’s when the fun began.

I can just imagine Meryl’s face (never saw it) when she got her cigarettes back, after claiming to be suffering from a ‘withdrawl’ of some kind (drama queen!)… The guys got a couple of beers which didn’t last them long, which later they then resorted to drinking Sprite and some of the girls’ wine. Justice was in bed early, while the other housemates listened to the music played by Big Brother and enjoyed each other’s company in the jacuzzi. I didn’t see it though, but I think that when the beers finished, Justice decided it was time to sleep. Can anyone say alcoholic… unsociable… cheapskate?! But then again he is a University of Botswana student, so I don’t really expect much from him. Quick note: When it’s time for eviction and he’s up, please get him out there. Doesn’t matter if it’s before or after Jeff. Just get his freeloading ass outta there!

Maureen and Ofunneka just don’t seem to be jelling well with the other housemates. They’re always keeping to themselves and last night was no different. While everyone, with the exception of Justice and Jeff who just vanished from the scene completely (And they say: no place to hide!? ASAP! They’re like watching paint dry… no wait… even that’s more exciting! Right.) were in the jacuzzi getting their groove on, these two girls chose to isolate themselves from the group and dance inside the house. Get them out

As the night went on, things started heating up inside the jacuzzi. Well, kinda. Someone suggested a game of ‘truth or dare’ and that’s what kicked life into the dead party. As people took their turns picking ‘truth or dare’ (which was almost always ‘truth’. BORING!), we saw Tatiana remove her bikini top underwater, Code touching Lerato’s ass inside her bikini, Richard (after so much hesitation and stubbornness as usual) licking Code’s cheek (eeuw!), Max and Lerato sharing ‘intimate’ moments and some girl-on-girl action when Meryl gave Tatiana a peck on the lips among other things I missed.

But it was the big moment when Meryl kissed Kwaku that stole the show and outdid all the dares previous to it. Meryl passionately locked lips with the smooth Ghanaian, who accepted the kiss in his typical laidback fashion…


After this, I suppose it remains to be seen whether this will be the start of a more solid romance between the two…

Oh, what a night… and to think, there are many many more to come!


6 Responses to “A whole lotta touchy-feely”

  1. Yeah bro, I share in your delight…. We can only expect more action and of course, the bores should be kicked out of the house soonest…

  2. i wanted kweku to hook up with bertha .

  3. me too,kweku deserves bertha n vice-versa.and what’s up with attacking jeff,so he doesnt fancy the girls in the house ,(helloo…kenyans are more intelligent than that,we don’t kiss every tom,dick and harry who comes our way in the name of entertainment,duh!!),stay out of our way,and those chics r all whores,so mad respect to jeff,i’d hate to c him lock lips with any of them,losers!!!

  4. i think nicolbabe is confusing bertha with meryle

  5. is maxwell serious i thought he had a girlfriend .or it was a scum so that we may think he is a badboy.if thats his strategy its working pretty well

  6. hell no!!! Kweku should NOT hook up with Bertha. He should not hook up with anyone. He should keep his mind on the game.

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