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Kwaku dishes the dirt

Lerato, who is turning out to be the House’s love doctor, gets serious with Kwaku in the Garden. ”How did it feel like kissing her,” she asked the easy going Ghanaian. ”It felt abrupt,” he answered.Lerato wants more detail and Kwaku tells her more about the smooching which has got Africa talking. ”There was a bit of mouth, then tongue, then more action,” he teased her.

Lerato asks again how it really felt. ”It was a bit awkward. I feel I could have waited for something better,” he told her. Lerato quickly pounces on this statement. ”Well if it was me, you would have called your Mama and told her you had found the one,” she said. ”I”m going to be the next girl to kiss you!” she promises as Kwaku laughs.

Only time will tell who is really after whom in the House…


14 Responses to “Kwaku dishes the dirt”

  1. Man,This kweku Guy Got All the Ladies trippin;,I would have giving anything in the world to kiss lerato,Shes so fine and she got boobs and ass…Damn!!! She Sexy!!!

  2. Lerato is just one horny bitch

  3. Lerato is lakker,lucky bastard is he who gets to sample her pussy

  4. Goosh! Kwaku be careful otherwise………………..


  5. Fuck!!!! Kwaku is the luckiest guy having tasted those lips dripping with juice.Definately Lerato is the sexiest babe in the house,with her curvy body which can make all normal men go wild.

  6. its just having fun in the house ,but just like gaetano dating any of these chicks is going to be his downfall especially these ones who are controversial.yes he might survive but he wont win

  7. let him get some

  8. Honestly speaking, the housemates are there to play the game so allow them to play it their way. I guess Lerato is just playing the game!! I like her style!! no pretences! its alright to be honry and bitchy than to be a hypocrate! Go Girl

  9. Kwaku is a lucky guy but i bet you Lerato is also a lucky girl because Kwaku aint bad at all. Infact any girl who wins his heart is damn fortunate.He is soo cute.

  10. kweku dnt make the mistake of kissing lerato,she is with max and you are with meryl…….besides how cud u leave a coke bottle for an ordinary fat can of water!!!!!

  11. kweku dnt make the mistake of kissing lerato,she is with max and you are with meryl…….besides how cud u leave a coke bottle for an ordinary fat can of water!!!!!

  12. I think Kwaku need to be smarter now than never.There is nothing bad about sucking those juicy lips but since the days of Adam, women have always proven to be the cause of man’s downfall.Better be careful and I hope u know what u are up to.GH. for real!!

  13. helo kwaku one man left standing that is the way things should go but i would not allow you do such they might think you are playing them as we say here dey geeeee

  14. kwaku for president you have to play ure game but you know not everyone will like you what is on your mind

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