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Second live show update

Must just say that I’m slowly but surely warming up to Kabelo (the BBA2 presenter, for those of you who’ve been living under a rock.) He pulled off tonight’s live show effortlessly and professionally. Mmm… maybe he does have what it takes and I was quick too to judge him? Well, we’ll see as the show progresses.

Moving on to the content of the Live show: the housemates displaying their so-called ‘talent’ and being judged by Mara Louw and Randall Abrahams. Some performances were er… ‘unique’ … for lack of a better word, while others stole the show hands down. And even though I’ve never really been a Mara Louw fan during the past two seasons of Idols South Africa, she had me in stitches during tonight’s broadcast when she gave the housemates feedback on their various performances.

Mara’s comment to Meryl about her ‘venter trailer’ was hilarious. And she threw around her famous word “aikona” now and again. Randall seemed bored with the whole thing (as he always does) – almost like he was forced to be there.

The main idea was for the housemates to showcase their talents. Am I right? Of course I am! Well, then WTF was Richard, Jeff, Code, Lerato and Meryl doing? I was expecting a striptease from Meryl, as I’m sure many of you were. It justs seems that anything to do with sex she would execute perfectly. Sex = Meryl. A ‘cucumber routine’ perhaps?! Anyone remember Janine Orderson from Big Brother South Africa 1? Classic. Meryl rather chose to display her new ‘clothing line’ which was of course trashy, had a crap name and the whole performance was just a waste of time…

Richard displayed his cross-dresser side, which is probably true! But how exactly is that a talent? He should have saved that for the BB psychologist. I couldn’t hear a word Jeff said (like I ever do!), but his ‘presentation’ (that’s what it was) was a lousy advertising gimmick – an opportunity to punt his book. Lame. Coulda done some of his infamous “fit” press-ups.

Code can’t play the guitar to save his life! But what do I know? I can’t either. He should have just sang his song acapella. It was dedicated to his country, Malawi, and it was sweet and all, however, he doesn’t have a singing voice.

Lerato did a sing-talk piece that was utterly horrendous! Every second word that comes out of her mouth is F*ck, so she could’ve at least sworn for the 90 seconds. Hey, it’s something. Bertha surprised me! Damn that girl is gifted! Has brains, can sing, a good artist and now acting.. What CAN’T she do?! As you can probably tell, I loved her performance, but I have to agree with Mara, it was slightly OTT, but brilliant nonetheless.

Justice put me to sleep with his debating. ‘Nuff said. Max and Tatiana sent strong messages across Africa, but Tatiana was also a bit over the top and I felt that Max was a bit all over the place with his flow. Maureen and Ofunneka’s (she had on a great outfit) dances were beautifully executed, while Kwaku’s performance was also quite entertaining.

My top 3: Bertha, Kwaku and Ofunneka.

Who were your’s? Leave me a comment.


8 Responses to “Second live show update”

  1. I did manage to miss the live show after spending most of Sunday watching channel 37. Thanks for the update! 🙂

  2. Please try and give me the site which will enable me to vote for the contestance.



  3. Ma best for the live sho wd be Bertha, Maureen and Kwaku.
    Ma worst wd be Lerato,Jeff,Richard in that order.
    Seriously, hw do u come up with Richard’s gimmick. Does he understand the definition of talent.
    Ofunneka and Maureen surprised me. Being withdrawn, i thot their performances wd be that, boring. It was the opposite. One of them has to go so as 2 force the other relate more in the hse. Ma nominees for eviction wd be 1. Ofunneka 2. Jeff 3. Justice. Lerato despite her flaws is still needed for the sparks in the hse.

  4. Told ya. abt Kabelo. His character shines thru. Nice guy. That Bertha is quite talented and genuinely intelligent. Then again, i’m not surprised. I’m sure everyone knew there’s more to Bertha than meets the eye. Something about her eyes tells u there’s a brain at work there. And even if everyone else talks about playing the game and having a strategy, it seems like she’s the only one who actually has all the above – and then some.

    Bertha’s performance was disturbing. Very real-like. She’s a very belieavable actress, which proves my point above.(playing the game). Smooth-talking, laid-back Kwaku’s performance was good too.

    The rest were meh

  5. Bertha’s performance was excellent and she made it look real and that is what acting is all about. She is simply the smartest in the house and she should take the money home. Max on the other hand is my favourite if only he can stop the “clowning” and focus. as for the the others, since there are part of the game, time will tell and may the best one win.

  6. I think most of the housemates tried, though I most of what they did could not be described as talent. Some took it more seriously than others. What was Meryl thinking ? Richard had me rolling with laughter, Jeff ???! and Justice was very much himself. For me the best were Bertha, Maureen and Kwaku.

  7. this has been outrageous to find our own maureen is being shafted live in big brother house in front of those cameras so with that l highly recommend her to ome home very soon so that kwaku can not take achance again because she has tasted and she might want more from code and he made it clear that it was over

  8. i love tati and rich,even lerato but moreen has that beauty that i dont wanna miss looking at.meryl is a good one too but due to the fact that she gives no smile scares me much.berthaz smile comes like that of gletkin in darkness at noon.she must be the one.
    big brother keeps me awake.

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