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Richard’s wife, Ricki, speaks…

I’ve found some very interesting, and very revealing posts made by Richard’s wife, Ricki, over at the official BBA website. Here are a couple for your enjoyment. I’ve posted a few interesting ones out of the many posts she’d made on the forum. Seems she too is quite the BBA2 addict. People seem to be attacking her for no reason because of Richard’s cross-dressing and many have been nasty towards her. I think it’s totally unfair and uncalled for. Here are some of the pleasant ones:

I want to first commend you for coming online and chat to us. It takes courage to do so especially reading about things that people say about your husband.What i want to know from you is that is Richard himself in the house or is he faking it.

If he is himself…i find him very rude, arrogant, self-centered and temperemental and bit abusive (in the manner he speaks). Could you clear this for me, I could be wrong but thats my take on him.

this whole forum fascinates me, firstly because people take this GAME so seriously, getting obsessions about the housemates, etc, and secondly because I’m curious about how Richard comes across, since I know him so well. I’ve noticed that so-called reality tv creates a lot of misinterpretations, and people claim to know what he’s all about by watching him for only a week. i have had a lot of laughs! He IS being himself, but he is himself playing a game, meaning that qualities that wouldn’t normally come out on a daily basis (like cross dressing among other things) are now being seen.

As for your interpretation:

temperamental: definitely, he’s come a long way though – we all have our faults, and he’s working on it. he has emotional highs and lows, wears his emotions on his sleeve, whether its anger, hurt or happiness and love. he’s an upfront guy with the good and the bad. and although it can be tough for me, its what I respect most about him.

abusive and rude: not at all – he’s got a loud and commanding voice, I don’t even notice it anymore, but I guess it could be construed as rude.

arrogant and self-centered: he’s a leo, and if you believe in horoscopes, he fits the leo definition perfectly. he has pride in himself, he’s a show off. but he’s also got a huge heart and surprisingly he worries about what people think of him – he tries to make people happy. i think you will see that he is actually amazingly generous and giving, it has not been emphasized so much on the show, but if you look closely, you’ll see that he does think of others before himself – a lot.

that’s it for me.

p.s. rumour has it that max was ENGAGED to his gf back in zambia. probably not anymore!

do you think tatiana is interested in your husband …i know just looking at him this week he will not do anything of this short but does it make you feel slightly “catish” towards her?…she’s obviously trying to be in everyone’s good books…i dont like her style so far tho’ i think she’s kind but about 40 to 50 % pretending to care

i see the way she looks at him, even meryl sometimes, and when rich was drunk in the jacuzzi i totally caught him looking at their asses!!!!!! laughhe’s a sucker for the curves. tati is too thin for him. she’s been in a relationship for 7 years with her man. i hope her and rich can be good friends, they seem to have a lot in common.

they do…acourding to my observation also…but ya me too ( about to get married) and i would also check them out and you’re rght it doesn’t mean anything if he checked out the ‘curves’..Meryl is a child and also she just wants everyone to like her …also…Richard however did flurt with her sunday morning”why everything you do looks so sexy?” did you hear that…and because i think Richard see’s that Kwaku only gives her attention when he’s drunk your hubbie was just trying to make her day…that’s big of him…you must miss him alot…i asked my soon to be wife if she would let me go to big brother earlier this year and she said…axact words…HELL NO!!…so thats big of you also knowing he is younger than you and being married for only 4 mnhts…thumbs up to both of you…my vote stay’s with him…

i missed him more the week before the show when he was already in s.a. and had no contact, but now that i see him on tv i am happier. yeah i heard the meryl flirt remark. i told him he could flirt as part of playing his game. he warned me it might be hard, and it is cuz only he knows if he’s playing the game or if its real. i can tell meryl thrives on male attention. lets hope he keeps it on the look but don’t touch level!
congrats on your upcoming marriage.

Niki isnt richard too young for u?werent there men in canada for you to marry and stop hating on tatiana,shes hot tho just a lil bit skinny for my liking

I’m Ricki, not Niki, and since when is 3 years difference such a big deal, and TZ is my home and has been for the past 4 years. i like tatiana, i think she’s a sweet heart, i just said i didn’t think she was richard’s type. oh, and the seven years thing is true. i hope m-net doesn’t give me hell for tellin’ all the back stage stuff. i have more secrets to reveal…it just depends how bad you want them.

See more of her posts at the BBA2 forum or keep an eye out here for the ‘juicy’ ones.


19 Responses to “Richard’s wife, Ricki, speaks…”

  1. Who are the first nominated and who nominated who? Thanks!

  2. Hi Edu,

    In a last minute twist, nominations were scrapped and will only happen next week. Big Brother decided to create a HoH position (Head of House) instead where housemates would have to win tasks now, instead of being elected, to get the position. The HoH will have privileges, but can be nominated for eviction by the other housemates. However, the HoH at that time is able to change one person that’s been nominated (whether its the HoH or another housemate) and swap it with another person of their choice…

    Nominations DEFINATELY start August 20th.

  3. […] Ricki Richard, the Tanzania representative’s wife speaks! Click here! […]

  4. Hello robza,tell me in all sincerity,are you comfortable with your above explanations?I know twists can come in anytime in the show but they should be reasonable twists.With latest quarrel going on(Justice/Max),a head of house can just bring in an innocent house mate.I forsee Lerato saving meryl and sacrificing Ofunneka or Maureen if she becomes the HoH.Africa and the whole world is watching.

  5. Ricki, don’t mind to thosetalk about you and your husband age different what you remember is that age is just a number and what important is love. I wish you happiness in your married and as I can see your husband is very wise he could be the one who go with the money. all the best gal

  6. Ricki, I hope u don’t mind. Let them talk! Age does’nt matter so long as u love each other. Big up to Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. thanks smiley for your nice comments: for every nasty message I get there are 5 nice ones and they make it all worth while. some people are telling me to stay out of the forum, but Richard has a very supportive family, his sister, his brother and his cousin are all there too. We should not be afraid to speak up for the ones we love!

  8. Ricki, dont you think that your husband is short tempered? He called Bertha stupid today.How do you live with him at home?

  9. Ricki I don’t think you havae to be bothered by what the world think about the age different between you and your hubby, what matter’s is Love, Respect, and Understanding. Remember the words of your Hubby before he departure to BB house, believe me he won’t let you down.

    I like the way Richard plays hard to get and the really respect he has for you.

    Peace I am out

  10. Hi Ricki.

    Thank you for gracing us little people over here in blog land with your presence.

    You are most welcome here anytime…


  11. Hi Innocent, Actually it was Bertha who called him stupid.

  12. ricki dnt giv a damn about what they say wat matters is love btwn u 2 just know this they will blah blah now and later they will stop there blablah wont last forever am sure every tanzanian is supporting u all the way through

  13. People talk for the sake of talking Ricki dont let them pull you down, if you see Richard beign himself then its good coz you will never have to worry of what he will do coz you know it alredy!!!! and the fact that he called someone stupid does not make him agly…. I’d rather hear my hubby call someone aloud than let his anger boil inside of him and do something he might regret I must give it to you big time you have courage, I don’t know if I could watch my darling on the TV show like that….and to others guys don’t just write crap for the sake of putting your comment on the web, give your words a value! My best wishes to all mates in BBA2 and courage to their loved ones at home, hey lets support them….

  14. Ricki, you are one women to be admired! We don’t come across such secure and confident in love women often! You asre both lucky to have each other.

    My two cents … Richard loves you and respects you alot. He knows that he is playing a game – for the money. And darn, he is playing it well! He has created confusion all over!

  15. Richard is a disgrace. Marriage is suppose to be special. Why get marriad if he gonna cheat. Scum bag I hope he gets out the house Sunday. I hope his wife devorces him. She’s too pretty for that pig……………….

  16. 4 months is a short time to get marrid why didn’t you wait till bb was over then diside to get married? Now you would have known if he would keep his promise in marriage?

  17. I like Ricki. A confident woman who is sure of where she stands. Keep it up gal. To me Richard is the most interesting guy in the house – you never know what to expect from him. He has my vote.

  18. Madam Ricky,

    Initially I was against Richard’s attitude but as you have confirmed that it is game, please just bear all you have saw during the short time your husband is playing the game. But when he comes back with the money or without the money, try to adjust to avoid this from creating a crack in your marriage.

    Again marriage is not a ball of roses only when you come out to tell other what you are passing through then they will know so, what ever may be, resolved that with your husband alone and never allow third party to come in as they will only separate your happy marriage. Actually you made a mistake for allowing him but can still correct the mistake by welcoming him once again.

    God’s power

  19. Ricky
    I think you guys made a big mistake when you agreed that Richard should participate in a reality show of this standard. We all know what comes out of BBA. Since you both agreed, I guess you should take whatever comes out of it. Don’t dump the poor guy now.

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