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Big Brother throws a curve ball

Big Brother announced to the Housemates that they will soon be called upon to nominate two of their fellow Housemates they want out of the show. Viewers will decide by voting out the least favourite Housemate.

As the Housemates were thinking about this, Big Brother then told the Housemates about a new development. ”Housemates will now compete for the ‘Head of House” in a task challenge. The Head of House will have special powers and receive special treatment in the following nomination week.”

”Once Housemates are nominated, and this may include Head of House, the Housemates with most votes will be announced to the House,” Big Brother continued.

As the Housemates looked at each other, Big Brother revealed the biggest twist. ”The Head of House will be invited to the Diary Room, where s/he will have the power to save one of the Housemates and replace them with another Housemate, these final two will be up for possible eviction. The Head of House may not disclose to anyone who he or she has saved. This will only be disclosed on Sunday during the eviction.

”The game is on,” Meryl said, to break the tension after such a huge statement.


6 Responses to “Big Brother throws a curve ball”

  1. I smell a rat. I have repeatedly complain about this BBA2 with all its flaws. How can one so-called “head of house” remove a nominated house mate and replace him/her with an innocent one.THERE WILL SURE BE BIAS.If Lerato is head of house,she will sure save Meryl(if nominated) and replace her with Ofunneka for example. BBA2,the world is watching.

  2. Moreover i thought nomination dates had long be set down.13th was suppose to be the first nomination night.So what happened. BBA2,the world is watching.

  3. Big Brother, please scrap this idea of a Head of the House
    replacing the nominated name with another one. This will brew a lot of enemity amongst the housemates. There are likely to be a lot of conspirancies.
    Secondly this show is watched by adults and children. What lesson are we giving to our kids? “Is it that if you hate someone you revenge when you have the opportunity?

  4. big brother is doing a trickish show now.wat is that,how can The Head of House have the powerto eliminate or replace a nominated house mate how fair is that if big brother is turly not biased.

  5. dont be biased big brother be plain and be clean dont be cunny if nneka leaves that house then the whloe world will know it a planned work.

  6. Surely it makes no sens to give the hoh the power to replace a person already nominated by another because this is going to promote enemity in the house and more this is going to save some of the people fit to leave the house en let people who should stay out

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