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Is Big Brother running out of ideas?

Last week’s task was for the housemates to decorate the garden wall with items of clothing they missed the most from their suitcases, as well as, at a later stage, artwork inspired by their own ideas of what Big Brother looked like. You’re probably wondering were I’m going with this?! Well, if I can remember correctly, the Big Brother Nigeria housemates also had a similar garden wall painting task… My question is: Is it so hard to gather a few people to come up with fresh ideas for tasks rather than rehashing old ones. The pass the parcel mini task on Saturday, I think, was rather cool and different however.

Then there was the “create a time-line of your life” task as well. When I heard of the concept, it felt as if I was having dejavu. I’ll give you no less than 3 guesses where that one was used….Anyone?! It was none other than the ever so enthralling (lol!) Big Brother Nigeria!

This week is Africa Week. I’m all for exploring other cultures and all OUTSIDE of a show that should provide us with backstabbing, intrigue, friction and the like but I’m really getting tired of the producers seeing Big Brother Africa 2 as an avenue to highlight Africa’s problems AGAIN (that we are aware of!) when Big Brother Africa 1 was there for that. This season should have taken a whole new direction – focused solely on entertainment like Big Brother’s around the world do…

If we wanted to know about Botswana’s diamonds or Malawi’s only football stadium, we’d change to Discovery Channel.

What’s your take on the topic?

Let me know.


One Response to “Is Big Brother running out of ideas?”

  1. Surely you must be right, it looks big brother is really running out of ideas. There are lots of activities that the housemates could be made to perform. If anything, as you are saying, a panel could be set aside to identify tangible issues that can ably reflect the Africa culture, values and many more burning issues including entertainment for the viewers to enjoy their valuable time watching the housemates.


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