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Ofunneka in the driver’s seat

Lerato and Meryl complain about Ofunneka’s laying down the law in the girls’ bedroom.

They say that Ofunneka has taken decisions on behalf of the other Housemates regarding eating, cleaning and showering.

“This is not Cuba, where you have to be dictated at,” says Lerato to Meryl during the private gripe session.

Meryl adds that Ofunneka’s assertive attitude is not necessary and that Ofunneka may be angering a lot of people with her unreasonable requests.

The girls’ complaints stem from an early morning argument involving all the Housemates as Ofunneka demands that everybody shower, clean and have breakfast according to a timetable.

Meryl and Lerato immediately protest the decision and Ofunneka suggests putting the girls’ gripes to vote.

Only four Housemates (including Lerato and Meryl) voted to shower, clean and eat at their own pace, as a result, Ofunneka tells them that they are out-voted and must fall in line with her orders.


8 Responses to “Ofunneka in the driver’s seat”

  1. Lerato and her partner in crime meryl should know that where there is no leader in any situation where you have more than 1 person,,things go ga-ga. ofu was even kind to put it to a vote.They both are complaining cause they prefer to do things haphazardly.This is exactly what i noticed with the “head of house” issue confirming that if 1 of the 2 becomes HoH, Ofu will be in real trouble.I see nothing wrong in Ofu asking that they all,shower,clean and eat.

  2. Blog owner, ur caption “Ofunneka in the driver’s seat” is much better than the one at the BBA2 site which reads “Ofunneka the dictator?”. We know what the South Africans are trying to achieve. Paint the Naija rep bad to quickly send her out.The world is watching.

  3. Wow, i’m really impressed. Maybe i may have to change my mind about her after all. I mean Ufunneka

  4. it is not right for a housemate to impose timetables on others,let people be themselves,which i think is what most people are interested in,ofunneka should know that all the housemates know that they have to shower,clean and eat.

  5. Shower, eat and clean timetables? achieve what? Vote that mama out, this aint no high-horsed, bureaucratic high school drama! What next, timetable to dictate when to take a crap?

  6. I don’t think is any ideas to ofunneka to be the parent to others as everyone know what he/she want to to in the house and everyone go there to do what they are cappable to do. Funneka don’t let other to be you. You cannot demand anybody to eat, shower and clean. just do whatever you want without command anybody to follow your steps.

  7. For god’s sake she didn’t even have to bother telling those two because naturally grown ups know that they have to shower or clean up especially when you are going to sit with other people so why do those two find it a problem to clean up before interacting with others more so when they are going to have meals? dirty gals!
    We Need people like Ofu to pump sens in those that dont know how to behave or respect others

  8. ofu you are the best no matter what they say or what happened.

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