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One for the ladies!

The moment has arrived that so many women (and some men!) across Africa and abroad have been waiting for… I shall say no more – the picture says it all.

Pop over to the ‘Uncut’ section, then to ‘Richard’ now.

Please be reminded that if nudity offends you in any way, do not proceed to the page.

*New updates have been made to numerous other housemate pages*


8 Responses to “One for the ladies!”

  1. we are having fun, but hey max is da man, the whole zambia we are behind him, he may not be cherise but one in the making

  2. Nice pic Robza at least for the ladies.But what about Bertha?

  3. Hey padipa.

    We are still sifting through shower hour footage. Though I can say that there isn’t much of Bertha… There are times when she’s showering with other girls in her bikini, but that’s about it. If you could be specific as to what you would like to see of Bertha, we’ll see what we can do.


  4. Hi robza171,
    Even if its Bertha in her bikini,no problem. Just let’s see her in the shower.Thanks and hoping to see it soon.

  5. hey gal come on go get the dim moureen.

  6. Max may not be like Cherise, but he is fun. His combination of commedy and the relationship with Lerato is most entertaining. We need to see more romance in BBA2. The housemates need more challenging tasks where they can use there “brains”!!!

  7. Apparently Richard took a shower naked this morning (sunday) i missed it- any captures?

  8. Hi Perfect.

    We are fully aware of this and you should find caps and a video by tomorrow… 🙂


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