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Are they African at all?

Article from by Nigel Nassar from Kampala, Uganda:

ARE these housemates African at all? You would think they were probably American, stuck up in African skin, in an African country.

You should have seen how brain-locked they turned out when Big Brother on Tuesday tasked them with making brief presentations about the countries represented in the house, in relation with socio-economic, political, cultural and social welfare practices.

It was just as well that they were not allowed to profile their own countries.

So we had a peek into their not-so-informed brains about the continent they proudly claim to represent.

The task was part of this week’s Big Brother theme, Africa Alive, in which the housemates are to showcase their continent. They hardly pieced up any convincing facts to show for their ‘Africanness.’

You had Ghana’s Kwaku scratching his head and turning up scandalising twists about Uganda. Did his Geography teacher not tell him that knowing a country’s president is basic knowledge? I nearly jumped out of my skin when he said Idi Amin is Uganda’s president.

He went on to scandalise the continental television audience that Uganda is found in South Africa, and that it has a population of five million people. And I was there wondering what he was smoking when he conjured up such a statistic.

Our ‘blue-eyed’ queen Maureen’s performance at least elicited some know-how since the housemates ranked her fourth. But her statistical bit lacked.

Then you had others turning up all sorts of interesting statistics. Kenya’s Jeff, however, exuded much knowledge about almost every country, as he rattled off facts like the 2007 version of Encarta, that online dictionary.

Zimbabwe’s Bertha and Tanzania’s Richard pulled ropes when Richard, in his presentation, insinuated that Bertha’s President Mugabe was a dictator who evicted the whites in Zimbabwe and grabbed their land.

You had them exchange profanity, but later apologise to each other. We need to pray for some more of such disagreements (not with Maureen though) so that chances of the housemates nominating each other for possible eviction hike, while our girl stays on the safe side. Meanwhile, her story-telling skill was unmatched.

With the new rules involving the supremeness of the house head, some friction is building up in the house. Tuesday broke with Nigeria’s Ofunneka succeeding Jeff as the new head.

And much as the housemates were glad that Big Brother, after causing the tension, supplied them with chicken, which they have been deprived throughout last week, Ofunneka took to instilling some discipline in them.

She rationed the food, drinks, and made clear that there will not be unnecessary cooking in the interest of economising. Lerato and Meryl were gossiping that Ofunneka is turning into a Fidel Castro of sorts.

Then there was the issue of voodoo. Lerato and Meryl think Ofunneka’s black herbal soap and a doll she carried are evil – so much for Nigerian movies that flaunt voodoo at every opportunity. Meanwhile, Maureen told Code that she liked him and he freaked out. But Maureen told Big Brother it is purely friendly and that she derives pleasure making Code shy by appearing to come onto him.


2 Responses to “Are they African at all?”

  1. i believe they are africans who grew up in towns/cities and surrounded by non africans. May be next time the selection should be strict and that only people who really know their origin (african) should participate in the show. Anyway let them go ahead and finish the show.

  2. what can i say,go Jeff ,go Jeff!!Atleast you proved to them that Kenyans have an excellent education system and Jang’oz rule.Well,i got mad love to you and i hope you get to come home with the cash.

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