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Meryl is new HoH

Yesterday afternoon the Housemates were given the task of assembling a puzzle. The Housemate who managed it the quickest would become the new Head of House.

The task continued well into the night, with only Richard and Meryl managing to complete it in the time given. Of the two, Meryl was the quickest, and therefore became the new Head of House.

Now that the youngest Housemate is in charge, it will be interesting to compare her leadership style with Ofunneka’s. Can we expect a more relaxed House, or will Meryl have to get strict in order to carry out her duties? And who, if anyone, will she choose to save from nomination?

Seems like Ms. Meryl is more than just a pretty face [and body] and is capable of more than she lets on. There may be a powerful mind in there somewhere and seems like she’s putting it to use only when necessary. Strategy perhaps? Whatever it is… it’s worked thus far. With housemates believing that she’s nothing more that the resident bimbo, she’d have the opportunity to creep out of the woodwork and surprise everyone unexpectedly…

Should be an interesting nomination session and week ahead.

Stay tuned!


4 Responses to “Meryl is new HoH”

  1. i LiVe iN aUstRaLiA WHeRe cAn I wAtCH BB AfRiCa??? sOmEbODy seNd me tHe TorReNt on mIniNovA oR tHe YoUTubE viDz CauSe I CAnt FiNd dEm. LuV Ur BloG =)

  2. i cant send u anything coz i have no idea how to access them on the net myself,anyway,away from tht,i think meryl won simply because it’s a game that even a child can win,no big deal there,jeff would have won,it’s simply a matter of giving another person a chance to lead.all in all,meryl may have escaped being voted dout this time,but tht wont happen next tyime.this girl doesnt impress me much.i hpe bertha wins,and jeff,for heaven’s sake,get off fur ask n give us some action or i’ll turn against u too!!

  3. luv meryl

  4. Let`s wait `n c sumthn might happening ntym sn dat sum1 wil loose dat c$h

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