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Who is Maureen?!

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MAUREEN Namatovu, Uganda’s Big Brother representative is an impressive young lady – at least, that is what many people know her to be. Lucy Parwot caught up with people who have known her before she was thrown into the limelight on the Ugandan and international scene

Lillian Nalumansi, Maureen’s sister and a journalist, says: “She is a very determined person who when she sets her heart on something, nothing will stop her from getting it. She is also a big thinker. I believe her stint at Big Brother is a starting point to bigger plans that she has.”

Elvis Sekyanzi, one of the few celebrities who have been lucky enough to wear Maureen’s designs says she is a shy girl. He says: “And because of that, her shyness might just win her the cash.”

Timothy Bukumunhe who first met Maureen during the 2001 Miss Uganda contest thinks she is insecure. He says: “She came across as being uncertain of herself, insecure and very vulnerable. Big Brother might just make a woman out of her.”

Maureen’s mother says she has no problem with her being in Big Brother. She says: “I wish her the best because she is a lovely girl and a friendly woman.”

Sandrina Pulle who works at Maureen’s Oval Lines design shop and doubles as Maureen’s personal adviser is full of praises. “She is caring and adventurous. She loves yoga, swimming and praying,” Pulle says. Pulle is also a bit surprised by Maureen’s character in the house. “She is not quiet at all. She is outgoing and always achieves what she goes after. I’m surprised that she is reserved in the house,” Pulle says of Maureen’s stay in the Big Brother house so far.

Goretti Amayo remembers very vividly that as she watched Maureen on the catwalk in Namasagali during one of the school’s beauty pageants, she knew that girl was destined for bigger things. Amayo remembers that even one of the judges noticed her persona on stage and said: “That is the stuff international models are made of.”

Monica Lakono, a sales executive with Barclays Bank, has known ‘Molly’, as she was fondly called, from her (Maureen’s) S.1. She says: “Maureen was very mature and level-headed for her age.”

Mark Kaheru, the Marketing and Communications officer, Uganda telecom, said: “She is an excitable young lady and I hope she comes out with the money.”

Maureen’s presence in the Big Brother house has generated debate all over Africa.


14 Responses to “Who is Maureen?!”

  1. She’s a sweet gal with an innocent face. I really wd wish she ends among the last 4

  2. Hi, maureen, uganda is behind you. Do us proud.

  3. Hi angle i luv u and pray dat u make it up to las day. Prety all da best for u. I luv yo body u ar ma real model in africa, am proud to be one of yo’ sista in Uganda. Gudlak dear “FOR GOD YOUR COPUNTRY” remember.
    Oc (Uganda)

  4. Wat an innocent face, pliz keep it up, we ar behind u babe. do us da best u can and show the world the map of yo country & atleast wit dat smile u can move dear. U have a full support from Uganda and we ar enjoying each and every second of yo move in da house. So shine angle as one of our country’s flag colour YELLOW whic represent da Sunshine. U Look bright every day. Gud luck sweetie da moni is landing in East Africa ( UGANDA) dis tym. Ma dear Molly/Mauryn, u ar presenting us well in da house esp tym for shower, feel free in wat-so-ever u ar doing coz u ve a gud move, gud cultural show and da dance.

  5. Maureen Darling,
    You are indeed a true African queen. But please note that it is unafrican to expose your womanhood.Don’t mind spoilers who might think otherwise.Remember you an African,nay, world Ambassador. Believe it , honey.

  6. I wish you all the best that you can achive in the House!

  7. Maureen is a nice gal and deserves the money.Go gal.All ugandans in the diaspora are behind you.

  8. Hi Cutie,
    Yo da best thin happenin. Go gal…only the sky can be the limit.

  9. please our great girlmureen please go on bring as pround be a good parent in the house please please1

  10. maureen yuo are a bitch cheap lousy gal.
    We thought you had class but how could you kiss a person like code a village dj

  11. U silly Tony, u ar so useless, never evr call Maureen cheap again, i kno u ar jus jealous of ha, plz zzzzzzzzzzz leave ha alone.

  12. Maureen likes flaunting her nakedness – not the best representation for her tribe and country. She gotta go

  13. Maureen,
    I really do love you but you should do some thing with your dressing,man ur a designer gal,do not be so much like a villager,and do something with those slippers,and stop acting childish,

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