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Justice : my armchair analysis

I’ve followed my country-man’s progress in the Big Brother house thus far and I must say I’m not entirely happy with the way he portrays himself.

From the very first night, and in true UB fashion, Justice attacked the alcohol (all FREE mind you!) and has been swimming in pools of the stuff whenever provided with the opportunity to. The dude is a freeloader I tell you! I wouldn’t even refer to him as one of the twelve housemates but rather a hobo the other eleven felt sorry for and took in under their wing.

Upon being introduced to the public, we knew Justice’s height would be a issue in the house, but I’m sure nobody expected things to spiral out of control to the extent it has in the last week. There have been arguments with Max, conflict and uneasiness between him and Bertha, Tatiana’s remarks, Richard’s innocent jokes, Meryl’s threats and Lerato’s name-calling. Surely feeling victimized by these housemates, it seems Justice can’t take it anymore.

Is he honestly hurt by it all or is he just trying to squeeze out as much sympathy from the public as possible?

Here’s my prognosis (he… he…):

Let me just say that Justice grew up in small rural village in Botswana called Serowe. So he may not be “up to date” with the jokes being made or be able to separate them from what is actually serious. The guy always seems so uptight and out of place. He’s been thrown into the deep side of a massive diverse social pool and it’s evident that’s he’s drowning. He doesn’t know how to properly interact with the other housemates – he lacks in social skills – as all he can do it debate (poorly at that!).

I think after a few taunts by the housemates, Justice decided to pull out the sympathy card not only for the few housemates that like him (notice I said few) but the audience as well. If he thinks the public will feel sorry for him, he is so wrong! Instead, I would rather leave the rascal in the house so he can fight his own battles and suffer instead of trying to run to the diary room every five seconds to complain to his new mother – Big Brother. But then, again, I’d kick him out in a heartbeat for this ‘act’ he’s putting on.

Here’s what’s ‘real’ about justice: Unsociable when sober, a pain when inebriated, a little rural, a bit too cultural, and suffers from an inferiority complex.

Here’s what’s not: He was NEVER raped and he’s not suffering as much as he’s letting on.

Why do I say the above?! Well, look at this. A while ago, Maureen breaks down when telling the other housemates she’d been abused. Of course, housemates comforted Maureen and showed their sympathy. Enter Justice. With his little brain working in overtime, Justice found a way that he too could gain sympathy from Bertha. Telling her he’d been raped in Cape Town, I could see the ass was lying. (1) He kept smiling throughout the whole damn thing and its nothing to be happy about. (2) He went into graphic detail (about his attacker having a piercing on his penis…) that usually wouldn’t be revealed – a clear sign of a liar!

Yesterday he had a blowout with Meryl, over what I don’t know, but I remember Meryl telling him that she would shove his head up his ass and a bottle?! Oh that was classic! I love that girl… And it made Justice so upset that Max had to talk to him.

Here’s another thing: Batswana men are so traditional in the sense that if a woman should talk down to any man, it’s likely that he would put her in her place by hitting her. Woman mean nothing in their culture. And this is what is exactly happening in the BB house.

Justice, all along has been badmouthing the women but as soon as one stands up and tell him his fortune, he goes all aggro and can’t handle it. His mood, as a result, affected the housemates’ song performance, as he didn’t move a muscle when they presented their composition to Big Brother in the Diary Room. Later that evening, he sulked in the corner of the bathroom. But did you notice something?! He always looked at the camera…

We got a little actor here people that thinks his strategy’s going to work. Only nominations will tell and with Meryl being HoH, there’s no way in hell this little pest is going to survive her wrath (muhahaha…).

What’s your take on the Justice saga?

Have your say.


9 Responses to “Justice : my armchair analysis”

  1. big up ‘n stop being a jerk; u can’t be afraid of some stuck up bitch only coz she’s loud, foul mouth or gymnastic…

  2. Best candidate for 1st eviction. U cnt play da game, justice. Get outta there

  3. i feel nuthin for this boy,the sooner he’s kicked out,the better for me,he’s plain boring,atleast jeff brings intelligence to the table(big up homeboy,i’m still impressed with your knowledge),this boy from botswana or wherever on the other hand,brings nuthin,he should pack n leave,pleeaassee people,vote him out,he misses mummy,(sob..sob..)lol,let him go.

  4. Well Robza,you are in a position to tell about your people and culture which you just did.I think i want to stick by you, Justice won’t survive this first nominations and eviction.let him go.

  5. Justice suffers from an inferiority complex. He most probably didnt get teased enough in high school! At his age, he should be over it by now. Im ashamed to say that society is very cruel when it comes to physical appearances, peoples criticism of Justice is no exception. He has a lot of life lessons yet to learn.

  6. its a concern to our society if people can enjoy others swearing i just take it that its unbecoming behavior.i think u have to jokes are acceptable but….

  7. Justice is exactly what he is JUST ICE!

  8. justice is definitely one pussy boy. ur being watched by millions of people n instead of acting like an adult u run off to Big Brother. you are definitely right my brother. the guy definitely grew up in a village and it shows. What did u expect to find in Big Brother?? A hotel… had he even heard of the show before??

  9. a real bashing from a countrymate! im gonna go vote him out right now.

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