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Nominations 1: Justice vs. Jeff

From official website:

The game has truly gotten underway in the House, with Justice and Jeff up for eviction after the first round of nominations.

How They voted
Justice nominated Meryl and Bertha. Meryl was a predictable choice, given the altercation that she had with Justice over the weekend, and, according to Justice, he and Bertha just don’t get along.

Code nominated Justice and Maureen, accusing Maureen of playing “mind games.”

Jeff nominated Justice and Bertha. According to him, Justice has wanted to leave since his argument with Meryl. Jeff described Berth as sarcastic and overly critical.

Richard nominated Justice and Jeff. He said that Justice wasn’t strong enough to stay in the House and that Jeff was inconsiderate because of his eating habits.

Kwaku nominated Justice and Ofunneka. He chafed under the strict regime that Ofunneka imposed as Head of House and took his chance for revenge, saying that Ofunneka wasn’t the exemplary leader that she thought she was. He cited Justice’s repeated confrontations with the others as his reason for nominating him.

Maureen nominated Bertha and Meryl. She described Betha as “bossy.” Of Meryl, she said that she makes Justice feel uncomfortable and that her behaviour towards him was “uncalled for.”

Meryl nominated Jeff and Bertha. She said that Bertha was not in the House for a “true reason,” and described Jeff as distant and complained that he doesn’t socialise with the others.

Bertha nominated Justice and Jeff. She also gave the fact that Justice has had confrontations with the others as the reason for her nomination. Like Meryl, she felt that Jeff was too withdrawn.

Tatiana nominated Bertha and Lerato. She said Lerato talks too much but didn’t have a reason for nominating Bertha. Maybe she was just unwilling to share.

Ofunneka nominated Meryl and Lerato. Making no reference to her time as Head of House, Ofunneka said that both of them make negative comments about the other Housemates and singled out Lerato for being “shallow.”

Lerato nominated Jeff and Ofunneka. She made her choices because of her past conflicts with Ofunneka and the fact that Jeff seemed antisocial and withdrawn.

Max nominated Richard and Meryl. He said he felt Meryl lacked morals and did not behave like a woman and that Richard was rude and arrogant.

Meryl’s Decision
After KB announced to the House that Justice and Bertha had received the most votes, Meryl was called into the Diary Room and asked if she would save either of them and replace them with another Housemate.

Meryl confessed that she had not expected the outcome, but decided that she would replace Bertha with Jeff. It looked like it was a difficult choice, but she said that she saved Bertha because she wanted to give her another chance.

Potential Upset?
After his behaviour during the week, it wasn’t a huge surprise that Justice came up for eviction. Bertha, on the other hand, has gone to great lengths to portray herself as one of the leaders of the House. She is unaware of the fact that she has been replaced with Jeff and being nominated may show her that the others don’t have as much respect for her as she thinks. It will be interesting to see if it will bring her down to earth a bit.

Jeff’s low profile in the House seems to have cost him. Meryl cited the fact that he is antisocial as one of her reasons for making her decision and voters are now left with a choice between one of the most confrontational Housemates and one of the least.

Housemate Number 1st Nomination 2nd Nomination
Bertha 5 Justice Jeff
Code 0 Justice Maureen
Jeff 4 Justice Bertha
Justice 5 Meryl Bertha
Kwaku 0 Justice Ofunneka
Lerato 2 Jeff Ofunneka
Maureen 1 Bertha Meryl
Maxwell 0 Richard Meryl
Meryl 4 Jeff Bertha
Ofunneka 2 Meryl Lerato
Richard 1 Justice Jeff
Tatiana 0 Bertha Lerato

28 Responses to “Nominations 1: Justice vs. Jeff”

  1. This one will be too close to call. I want Jeff out – he is a bloody embarrassment to Kenya, then again i want Justice out too….

  2. can we just get rid of both?
    and send that snake CODE with them!!!!!

  3. Both contestants are good, though I’d like to see Justice go, Jeff is quite the gentleman and does not have to stand out for others to appreciate him. Besides he appreciates all the other contestants and the role they all have to play in the house this is exemplified by the fact that he has no problem with the others being loud as compared to his quiet nature, he is not prejudice and does not judge, he is just himself. Give him a break the
    the house has to have a blend of people and he still needs to be in the house. Besides what will they eat when he’s gone?????

  4. i want Justice Richard out!!!!!!!

  5. Both contestants are good, though I’d like to see Justice go, Jeff is quite the gentleman he should stay on.

  6. Send off Jeff; he is a bore and is inactive in the house. Justice helped to bring out Meryl’s bad charactor. No wonder she had before called Ofunekah a witch. He is not as such a bad guy. He is not interested in the childish games of other housemates.

  7. I think that Jeff is verrrrry distant..justice is capable of turning tables..the controversy that he brings about for the show is remarkable..the kind of stuff i wannna see..Jeff, sorry but dude i hope that you go back to kenay..i mean you lied about your age, and you dont even have a name that is anything Kenyan like karanja or kamau!
    so this is a ‘save justice’ plea….
    Bartha rules

  8. justice u beta gt ur ass out of the house and offuneka shud b next ;uv u meryln, lerato n betha

  9. meryln u go girl

  10. hey kwaku is hot frm lindelwa swaziland

  11. They don’t know how to nominate, could nominate Ofuneka so hard.She is ugly,bad uuhh that face hoh. But dis momento Justice gota goooo next should be Ofunneka she is cou… in the de housa.
    than Maureen. Code if u play da game very well i hope u will be the one…..this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Just Let Justice Return Home so we can rest from his funny quarrelsome characters.

  13. Just help us let Justice return home so we can rest from his boring character, Justice seems to be home sick and that is why he is picking querrels from one housemate to another.

    Please send Justice Home

  14. I need justice to get bak 2 botswana he has potrayed enaf of the sethwanans character. Max watch your step it was embarassin 2c Lerato get out of yo bed today. Come on don’t forget wer u come from we zambians are not like that.

  15. i think Jeff shud go also he’s too much of a book worm. He only associates with books.

  16. i want jeff out.

  17. well, this debate about the debating dwarf and the gentle giant is quite interesting. For one, I think we need to keep Justice in the house. it is his presence that has helped us to know that some people can be that incosderate and callaous. I have this feeling that the housemates’ character should/could be judged from the way they relate and treat Justice. Did you know that Meryl was not that mellow until she was exposed by Justice? The boy will go any time, but give him one more chance. Sorry Jeff, but we won’t miss faked gentility and overimagined wit. If I wanted those two traits, I would readly look to Maureen.

  18. its unfortunate that the nominations went that way. justice and jeff am sorry one of u has to go. i will vote only when merly is up for eviction.she is disgusting in that house. wherever she comes frm manners are lacking. isnt she a bitch back home?

  19. I think Jeff should go home, does not know the essence of being in the house, also i dont agree with his age vis a viz his looks, besides his maniac exercises. let us keep Justice in for more controversies, to spice up the house.

  20. Its wrong to vote out Jeff simply because he is cool! For sure we need variation in the house, moderators and `confrontationists`. Let Jeff stay and let him put to full use his Kenyan name. `Jeff` thing is babyish and colonial. Spare him!!

  21. Jeff must go

  22. All of them shd stay for another week, may be we’ll see a difference

  23. Justice boy u gotta bounce, get the hell out of the house. I feel sorry for jeff though……. justice tick tock.” VOTE JUSTICE”

  24. Code you are bomb in the house. Without you BBA2 would be a bore. Keep it up buddy. Jeff go back home you are too old.

  25. Justice time to go home thanks for the value added to the house

  26. no C.O.D.E. no B.B.A. the rest can go!


  28. Does Maureen`s `perceived heat under her panties` has anything general to do with the overall reflection of a majority of babes in kampala, Uganda?

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