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Who do you want out?

Personally, I feel Justice is as good as gone… Jeff can go next week. What do you think?!

Well… don’t just sit there, pop over to the Big Brother Africa II website to place your vote for either the gentle giant or the debating dwarf?

Catch one of them walking out of the house, down the red carpet and disappearing into obscurity this Sunday at 19H00 (I think?).

31 Responses to “Who do you want out?”

  1. You got it right! Gosh! Hehehe!!


  3. what’s this abt jeff this,jeff that,so he’s kinda withdrawn,for heaven’s sake it’s the beginning stages of the game,some people were not brought up to automatically adapt to a new environment just like that,give him time(but jeff for sure,you need to get off ur ass n stop eating n being so withdrawn,or the next song u’ll b hearing is “if u aint got no money,take ur broke nigga-jang’o ass home’,and pliz u cant possibly be 23,my brother is 25 n he looks like bow wow,so i can tell u’r not 23,pliz go back to the hospital n demand the correct birth certificate).Justice should just leave,he obviously misses mommy or his girl or whoever,just vote him out for bertha,i’m an african chic n i feel deeply insulted with the way she portrays herself in the house ,what a slut,what a whore,eeeuuwwww,even for 100trillion dollars,i wouldnt do that.i used to love u kwaku but after u hooked up with her,i can tell u’r not intelligent,just good-looking with no brains(jeff may come back home,but atleast he proved to the whole of africa that he’s intelligent,n he dint hook up with the stupid hoes in the house),speakin of hoes,lerato pliz,seducin a guy who’s not interested in u is sooooo……last century,get a life gal,i wonder who’s ever goin to marry u…not any respectable african man,u’r such a slutty bitch,wonder what that says abt the girls in ur country,is there any lady among them,huh?is there?hahahaha,may u be voted out next,and pliz do our eyes a favor and loose those pounds n tires on ur waist,so not attractive ,u’r an embarrassment to the young ladies of this century,havent you ever heard of the word gym,huh?visit one n lose those xtra kgs b4 u make a move on any man.bertha,u think gettin laid by kwaku will get u the cheddar?pliz gal,spare me the waste of my tv time,u’ll b voted out by the 5th week,trust me,then u’ll feel like a used,dumped tissue paper,u disgust me with ur slutty moves,i throw up everytime i see u.u and jeff will both be out,u know whut,u’r not even worth my time,good luck in life gurl,u gonna need it,especially when it comes to keepin ur pants up,yuck!!i need to throw up.ok,i’m back,someone pliz vote her for ofunneka,i dont know y ur own country guyz dont support u,i mean,we hate jeff,heaven knows we dont know where the hell he was picked from,but atleast we stand by him,it’s a kenyan thing,u wouldnt understand,we have excellent morals(m-net,pliz pick me next time or any other kenyan chic,alex holi was a disgrace,now jeff,only a chic can save our image,pliz no mo injustice to kenya).anyway,ofunneka,wetin de chop?i have no idea whut tht pidgin means but chinua makes it sound good,i have no problem with u,may u for maureen,what is it with chics in the house seducin guyz,r u guys high or whut,where’s ur dignity??return back home n make some matoke,i dont need any east african givin us competition.Richard,r u sure u dont have loose nuts runnin round n round in ur head?u’r so weird,who in the world picked these guys?richard,u used to rock,now u just suck,rudi tanzania n continue wearing ur wife’s clothes huko,una-bore!!as for max n code,code u cant rap n max i dont see how different the house will change without u,but since no one has a problem with u,good luck to u guyz.i was countin on kwaku to walk away with the dough,but he let me down,so u guyz need to grab that cheddar.i’ve got to go fellaz,laterz,but to jeff,ever heard of home by chris daughtry? boy,u’r comin home,but dont worry,meryl will follow u afterwards,sweet revenge…oops,i meant sweet escape,wiiiiuuuuu!! y is there no contestant from senegal?? akon shld perform in this house.Kabelo,u rock,u rily do.bertha n meryl,go to hell n take kwaku n justice with u.

  4. girl,i think you meant meryl when you said bertha.bertha is a good girl,not like meryl,but i’m voting out justice,of course jeff will be next,he’s boring,sorry.

  5. Well looks like Majusto is going no way

  6. jeff pliz go back to the hospital n demand the correct birth,zm

  7. Just cos maureen hd a dance w Code dnt mean nothing…. and wat a snake he is. Nominating her 4 playin w his mind? Or is it that he’s not gettin some sooner than he expected. Rat..
    Justice shd go home. Dnt bet on Jeff. He cd suddenly wake up frm his slumber & provide us sm enterntainment. If nt he surely as hell is the next.

  8. jeff should go let justice stay guys a house without noise and shoutiung at each other is shit the dodo marphin should leave he is making the house to be a church

  9. I would wish that Justice Leaves the House for his home because he is so quarrelsome and goes around pick quarrels from one housemate to another.

    He should be relieved off that problem so quarelling .

    So i nominate Justice to leave the House in the first Eviction

  10. I Nominate Justice to Leave that House reason being that he is so quarrelsome and does not know how to interract with other housemates.

    Goodbye Justice, hope to see you again next time but for now please go back home and learn simple in house interraction skills.



  13. I think for now jeff should go.His so withdrawn from the rest of the group at this early stage.Meryl i think irrespective of her age is the most entertaining of all the house mates.Whatever we think or say about her we must not forget that shes still young and acting her age.

  14. Jeff should leave the house coz he does not put any vibes in the house he only eats, exercise and sleep. The mates have to active but he is just like a cow.

  15. Jeff is dead-walking, he must leave the house. And pls he must drinking milk that much cos is about 2 leave the BB house.

  16. Jeff out pls, for good you just miss Kenya.

  17. Mzee Jeff should take a hike!!!
    lets the controversial Justice keep his place..for now….

  18. jeff

  19. let jeff go, he’s too bored and he misses home.
    justice is doin justice to the house, he’s being real coz a house without a fight aint home. keep up the justice babes

  20. Jeff should be taken back to kisumu rait now.on the other hand justice should be given a second will suit him right.

  21. justice should go home he is arogant and he misses home too much

  22. Jeff must leave he is a bore, let Justice stay he makes the house hot with his noise and debate

  23. Keep jeff should stay if he does not change next sunday he should leave

  24. In all honesty, Justice should stay in a little longer. We need someone to hate on. Jeff’s just too plain boring. At least Justice keeps us entertained, with his constant bickering with everyone. Voting Bertha will almost always result in her being saved from eviction by the public, unless of course – she’s against Tatiana

  25. Pple please leave Max alone, rather sympathise with him. he has never seen a puzzle before, let alone done one.

  26. Hey hey, stop callin JustIce a pest n a debating dwarf, ok. it aint fair, at all!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jeff you have to go bru you are 2 sweet 2 be in that house That is a MAD HOUSE and you are 2 good 4 it .

  28. OH thanks god Justice is gone it’s obvious that he came here not knowing the meaning of a game but. Ya He is still a boy and is still going to meet a lot of poeple who will show him worse then he saw on the bigbrother house and he will b crying like hell then

  29. Richard I Love u if it wasn’t for that ring on your finger i would have came looking for you after the show . bt lucky Ricky has you all i can say now is gudluck on your marrige dude keeep it up oh and stop taking a bath with girls you are driving me and your wife to suicide. šŸ˜‰

  30. Meryl and kwaku are going to hook up after the show? Sum1 tel me they are getting quiet serious.

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