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Big Brother Africa II slammed in Uganda

Article by Orikinla Osinachi from

The popular Big Brother TV Reality Show has run into murky waters in Uganda for corrupting gullible millions of under-age viewers in the second series.

The New African Parent Alliance (NAPA) a popular Ugandan NGO, lambasted the producers and distributors for broadcasting pornographic shower hours showing female housemates in the nude. A particular housemate carelessly swung her bare breasts live to the consternation of millions of viewers all over Africa and other countries.

NAPA said it was despicable and threatened to ask the companies licensing the programme to make adjustments in the content.

A male teacher at the Kateete Primary School, who was caught enjoying a striptease in the Big Brother Africa 2, has been reported to the school authorities.

“We doubt the integrity of Kiku. His conduct revealed that he is not worth being a teacher. We request him to resign or we shall take the issue to the Ministry of Education,” the spokesperson of NAPA warned.

The Big Brother is a real life soap invented by a Dutchman John de Mol and further developed by his production company Endemol and has been a prime time hit in over 70 countries with many adaptations.

Big Brother Africa has been criticized for promoting voyeurism among the youths in Africa where the HIV/AIDS pandemic has claimed millions of lives.

17 Responses to “Big Brother Africa II slammed in Uganda”

  1. I am a Ugandan and this story is full of fabrications. Yes the teacher story appeared in the Ugandan presswhen he was photographed attending a strip tease show but it had nothing to do with BBA. The issue in Uganda now is about gays and not BBA. Please get your facts right. That NAPA is something I have not even heard of here.

  2. Am Ugandan too andy….& I know its true that NAPA has slammed BBAII, it appeared in the local ur papers man!. The story is correct except for the bit about the teacher that has inaccuracies.

  3. “A particular housemate carelessly swung her bare breasts live to the consternation of millions of viewers all over Africa and other countries”

    I guess the New African Parent Alliance (NAPA) might be pissed she wasn’t more careful with the pendulumation of her hooters…

    NAPA needs a mad chill pill yo…now that they are pissed and are shouting from the village rooftops, it is only natural that the kids will want to know what all the titsfisticuffs are about…

  4. What is NAPA? i have never heard of them.Just an obscure organisation trying to get some press time knowing how popular BBA is in Uganda. We dont know them and honestly, We dont care!!!!!

  5. They all should get a life……….
    If u can’t handle Nudity change the fcuking channel

  6. …and besides- there’s Parental control on satellite TV- DUH!

  7. I am a journalist, but for sure i have not heard of this too. Which organisation? NAPA? For heavens sake it’s unknown here. In any case, does NAPA represent Ugandan views?
    Spare us kid!

  8. The author of the above piece should tell us the paper where the story appeared, its date and the page that full the rest of the world.
    Get serious man.

  9. Read a letter in the press yesterday from a Doctor, who is concerned about the health of the housemates considering that Ofuneka seems to have a persistent cough!

  10. DSTV has 1,5 Million Subs all over Africa ; Almost 1 Million is from South Africa ; I think if 50,000 Ugandans has Dstv than that is a over statement .

  11. great the they dont know what they want!

  12. pls dont care abount ugandans that what they are!

  13. you know they fear real thing in life,
    free things be it a man women, they are like beggers,
    come to my phone is 0772-456233.
    we need real life.
    go us, uk. ussr, every were things happen then why do do you fear real happenings , it means you do them . and you dont your family to knoow.
    the game is great.
    who forces you to follow.
    tune of there are so many channels

  14. bbg africa 2 pls carry on . great

  15. bb am also against it though am young in age but mature brain wise.( highway college

  16. The above author of the piece should go back to Adam & Eve World.

    If BB,corrupt kids.Then you and your Wife corrupt your own kids too by kissing in front of them.
    Please change your channel or you need a hand.

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